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SebaMed 5.5

SebaMed 5.5

May 5 (5/5) is the celebration day for SebaMed, a German manufactured medical skincare line, because that day correlates to the pH value 5.5 of our skin. This brand ensures that its products are a pH 5.5 to help maintain healthy skin. To make this day special and to spread awareness of a healthy lifestyle, I was invited to spend a day of pampering with access to the gym and fitness classes at the Hilton hotel. It started out with an hour’s massage session with Dr. Burgener products, followed by a relaxing afternoon at the spa.








Next to the outdoor pool was the lovely setup by SebaMed, an oddly quiet spot within the busy city, where we discussed beauty, skincare routine and hair care over afternoon tea and yummy bites. The setting was intimate and allowed us to freely exchange ideas and advice with the brand’s very informative representative. A surprising fact is that they dermatologically test their products on skin and hair with problems as opposed to normal cases, so each range is developed to suit a type of skin, whether sensitive or oily, and each type of hair, from dry to greasy. SebaMed also has a baby care line from the newborn stages until childhood, as well as sun care products from tanning to protection to after sun balm. I already tried the baby bath products, they are gentle and smell so sweet. I look forward to trying the rest of their line, and if you want to give them a try, head to any major pharmacy and you will find this medical cosmetic range.







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