My 2 Cents On 2 Years Of Blogging

Another blogging year has passed to make it my 2nd year anniversary, and here are some thoughts I jotted down, and if you think you might be offended, then please, read on.

I get asked by almost everyone I meet on how I’m able to find time to think of posts, write and attend events, my response is always that if you love something you will make time. Unlike how most describe me, no I am not a superwoman, I am just a woman who likes to keep her hands full while being well organized, a woman who is career oriented but more so family comes first, a woman who has many ambitions and aspirations and will not give up on them because of minor temporary hindrances.

Indeed it has been a busy year, between my pregnancy and the birth of my 2nd baby, I had to decline some invitations to attend openings and ceremonies but made it to many others. I stand by the first impression the blogging world has made on me (read it here), and I am thankful that my blog started as and will always be a hobby for me, thus I do not compete with anyone because I do not belong in the same category as others who have social media and blogging as their full time paying job. I restate that I am doing this out of my love for writing, helping and making sure I voice my opinion on various issues in a world of many conformists.

It is tough to be constantly thrown into social events without it changing you one way or another, unless you have thick skin. I have witnessed many social climbers, a lot of gossip, shallow crowds and ladies changing their style to the extent that they lose their identity. I still am me as I will forever be, unchanged, unfiltered, not even noticing the judgmental people that might cross my path. I am 32 years old, I am a proud mother, a lucky wife, and a hard working architect, so no one’s opinion is ever relevant. I still attend events in my own style, in my denim, in my sneakers, in no or minimal makeup, with my natural wavy hair. I am keen on being proper and will wear my favorite designers in a subdued manner, nothing over the top fancy-shmancy-look-at-me-I’m-gorgeous kind of way, and I won’t waste time glamming up when I could use that time to be with my kids, to research, to practice my hobbies. Mind you, I usually have a 10 minute window after work and taking care of the kids, to shower and get going, so if I look human its fine by me!

I refuse to adapt. Why you ask? Because as I repeatedly state, the world needs less copies and more originals. And those who are ‘in’ right now will eventually be ‘out’ unless they have real substance. As for the direction I’m headed, I will continue to bring you honest reviews in a sea of sponsored posts where each item becomes a ‘favorite’ or a ‘must have’, those for me will be the tried and tested, be it beauty, fashion or dining experiences, and I’d rather stop blogging altogether if it means losing my credibility like many have done. I am happy to have the privilege of being an ‘influencer’ as some label me, especially when it comes to self confidence, to positive parenting, and practical lifestyle choices.

One thing I can safely say is that foodies are the best, and that food related events are often the most fun, least fake, filled with laughter, good mood, and friendliness. Also the new generation of young style bloggers are absolutely beaming with energy, they are genuine, can joke about themselves and are great to be around. Mom bloggers and Instagrammers are also wonderful people and there is an unspoken code of understanding between us all. If I feel forced to blend in a certain crowd, I don’t want to be a part of it.

Another thing I have learned is that when it comes to PR agencies, and especially since I have the luxury of not giving a damn (check the ‘not my job’ part above), I get to be choosy and not let favoritism slide, and if I am not addressed properly, I refuse the engagement altogether. I am not a ‘Dear Editor’, I am not a last minute invite, no I won’t publish your press release, no I won’t blog about something I’m not passionate about or against my convictions, and no I can’t be bought. I won’t be dealt with any less than my peers and if I notice a difference in treatment you can bet I won’t collaborate with you again. If you manage luxury brands I won’t suck up to earn your acceptance, because it is you who should earn mine. You see I have nothing to lose, I think of myself highly, and I treat you the way you treat me. As for all the respectful PRs who work hard at organizing events I am always keen to attend, I apologize if I miss out on some gatherings, my free time is minimal, and I have a lot to juggle.


This photo taken a couple of days ago, is an actual #IWokeUpLikeThis from an hour’s nap because I have been on minimal sleep, so yeah this is me barefaced, messy haired, proudly Maria. For those who are following me on my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (user name for all: stylememaria) and Facebook page (Style Me Maria), you have seen me at my best and worst, thank you for relating to me and for your support. Year 2 has come to an end so lets see what this coming year has to offer!




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