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Restaurant Review: Liza

Liza restaurant has been making quite the hype for some time now, and for one of our date nights, my husband decided we give it a try. The location in Ashrafieh isn’t so easy to find, and the only sign is the one below, as the restaurant is hiding behind concrete walls within a courtyard.


The entrance lighting is dim and harmonious with the ambiance of the restaurant.



The interior is a stunning cross between Lebanese heritage architecture and arabesque visual design.



The experience is very romantic, a quality that lacks in most Lebanese restaurants, the music and conversation is almost a lull.


We started by ordering the Hommos for 9,500 L.L., tastes good but nothing special.


The Halloum for 18,000 L.L. with tomato jam and sesame seeds is very tasty, each bite of cheese dipped in the jam makes for an original combo.


The Labneh for 13,000 L.L. is served with tomatoes, onions, olives, mint and thyme mixed together, but I requested the veggies to be on the side because during my pregnancy I had limitations on some items. If you are a fan of sour tasting labneh, then this one is for you!


Batata Harra is the spicy potato 9,000 L.L. which is very crispy on the outside while being soft on the inside and not very oily.


Rkakat Jebne, the cheese rolls for 13,000 L.L. with basil were also equally delicious.


The Mixed Grill for 38,000 L.L. with kafta, taouk and lahm meshwe served with a cabbage salad, garlic, grilled tomato, onion and pepper, with small potato cubes. I can easily say that this is THE best meat I have tasted, and you already know how picky I am when it comes to meat outside of home. The taouk and kafta were equally tender but the meat was on another level. Thumbs up for this dish!


Unfortunately the dessert items we chose to order were not available that night for some reason, this earns negative points for me, but the whole dining experience was good, calm, yummy (albeit overpriced), with attentive waiters. I would recommend Liza to couples as well as families during the day, and there is a private space which can easily accommodate events such as an intimate engagement or dinner party.



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