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An Afternoon At Kidz Mondo

I have seen ads about Kidz Mondo, but I never imagined it to be as developed as it is when I first visited last weekend. Everything is tailor made for kids, and they have the priority while parents take the back stage. At the main gate, I found the ticketing booths like those at the airport, with a boarding pass to access all the activities as the one below.


My daughter is 2 years old and therefore in the toddler category. She was given a special sticker with T+ written on it, which meant that she could have access to the rooms that have a matching T+ sticker at their door. She really enjoyed the occupations she participated in! A food court is also available with a variety of restaurants for kids and parents to take a break and continue the fun.

This is the laundry room, where kids are taught how to separate clothes, wash them, and hang them to air dry.


The streets of Kidz Mondo are constructed to suit the size of children, and in this city, they are the boss!


The painting room which she enjoyed the most, and each child had the freedom to create their own canvas with whatever color they choose and no rules to abide by.



The crafts room with assistants to help make inventive forms with the kids.


Level 2 of the center, where you can see a full blown street, complete with signage and landscaping!


The little fire fighters living their role, no detail is missed, from their drill to their arrival at the scene, to putting out a fire with the water hose.



The beauty salon is next, where girls get pampered just like grown ups, except my daughter refused to let the beauty expert apply any makeup. What can i say, like mother like daughter!


The police station door is an example of how organized the activities are. A clear start line for kids to gather, the duration of the activity and how many can be allowed inside at a time, the T+ sign which makes it accessible for toddlers, a ‘no parents allowed’ sign, and 10 Kidlars (Kidz Mondo money) to be earned by completing this task.



The ambulance roaming around the streets.


The nursery at the 2nd level of the hospital, where kids learn how to take care of babies by practicing with a doll.



Fellow parents, if you are looking for a new activity to take your kids to, starting toddler-hood, head down to Kidz Mondo and let them live the roles they dream of doing, you will spend an entire day of fun and watch your little ones happy in their own special world!

A big thanks to the staff at Kidz Mondo for this wonderful afternoon!



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