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I Spent My Summer In These Shorts

While I was on my last vacation in Hawaii, I shopped at one of my favorite casual wear destinations, Old Navy. I bought many items on impulse figuring out I’d make use of them later, and these shorts were one of them. I never would have imagined actually wearing them, but weekend after weekend, event after event, day or night, date or with family, I found myself going back to these loose fitting, neon shorts.


As a cautious person and especially one who prefers classics to shocking colors, this travel impulse buy might be one of many, it definitely taught me to get out of my comfort zone!

This photo was taken at Roum in South Lebanon, bye bye summer!

What I’m wearing:

Top: DKNY (I love simple white tshirts!)

Shorts: Old Navy (I love you, faithful shorts!)

Shoes: Vans (Sneaker-head anyone?)

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