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Weekends Are Weekdays

In the mom realm, style becomes practical and minimalist. A midweek home/work/home routine is all too similar to weekend going out events.

My typical weekly routine is so fast paced and starts very early, that returning home at the end of the day sees me wither away into a hot mess.

What differs from weekday to weekend?


Weekends also require major dressing down, its a sacrifice moms make to be able to run around their little children to ensure they are the ones having the most fun, whether at malls, birthdays, picnics and other activities.

It is very important to own a few key pieces in your closet to create your mom style. Lucky for me, I am somewhat stable in my style as I prefer the sporty classics, the only thing I can think of that I had to let go of is accessorizing (earrings can be pulled out and necklaces can be a choking hazard!).

Below is one of my typical styles that can be worn any day of the week to any sort of event, from work to lunch or dinner with the family.


A polo shirt is essential for the modern mom who wants to keep it simple but elegant. Cotton fabrics help your body breathe (you will need it) and are much easier to wash, so no need to panic about food stains from your child. The shirt length is also important because when squatting and lifting your baby, the last thing you need is worrying about your back side being exposed.

A well fitting pair of jeans is a life saver. There is no need for skinny jeans, a straight cut can be comfy and stylish. I prefer this pair over my others because it moves with my movement and I don’t need to lift them up every few seconds.

For running around, the best solution is espadrilles or slip ons with thick soles like the ones I’m wearing, no worries about tripping over in sandals or foot pain from walking all day.

My handbag of choice is always a crossbag, trust me, you will need your hands and will wish for more! I can’t stress enough how much the switch from shoulder bag to this type of purse has helped me, I can easily move around and hold toys and other objects in my hands instead of clutching on to the shoulder strap. Whats more is that when you need to suddenly thrust yourself forward to save your child from tripping or falling or any hazardous situation, this type of bag sticks to you instead of flying at an angle and hitting you in the face (been there, done that).

To fellow moms, we don’t have to compare ourselves to others, we are in our own bubble and we have the hardest job, its ok not to want or be able to look groomed all the time. This does not mean looking shabby, but it does mean finding a style we are comfortable with, and that suits our daily routine.

What I’m wearing:

Top: Ralph Lauren

Jeans: DKNY

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Bag: Le Sportsac

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