My Easy Summer Beauty Routine

When it comes to a daily beauty routine, mine is very simple. No over the top products and definitely no makeup, so i count on the simplest products to give a natural glow for my skin and hair.


I always moisturize my skin all year round, but for the summer in particular, I use Vaseline ‘cocoa glow’ because it indeed gives a bronze glow with a scent that makes you feel like you’re on the beach.

When it comes to my morning facial routine, I am always in search of the product that suits my sensitive skin the most, and this time I am using The Body Shop organic ‘Nutriganic’ face and eye cream. Although it is not an anti-aging cream, its an all natural moisturizer that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

For my lips and also throughout the seasons, I hydrate using Chapstick, and I recommend it even if your lips don’t chap, it locks in the moisture.


A major hair care find for me was still a low profile beauty brand many years ago. I had found it in a specialized market of imported goods and have been hooked since. Now that its being advertised and lucky for us, available in big formats, I am still loyal to Tresemme. I personally look for the shampoo and conditioner that treat dry hair, usually with Keratin that coats the curls to give them a smoother look.

My most recent daily scrub is Clean & Clear for blackhead removal. I wouldn’t say it is a cure for blackheads, but the massage onto the face cleanses the pores as much as possible.


These products are courtesy of L’Oreal which I got the chance to sample as soon as they hit the market.

The Elvive oil replacement treatment may be used pre, during, or post shower. I have tried using it after I dry my hair, only a little amount spread over makes my hair glow. The only disadvantage I have noticed is that it looks great the first day, but the day after it might give off a greasy texture.

The Age Perfect oil was used by the experts at the Festival De Cannes event a few weeks ago as a base before applying makeup. I was skeptical as to how an oil can be dry until I tried to use it a couple of times before applying makeup, and it is true, its absorbed by the skin almost immediately and doesn’t create a mold with the foundation.

I am using theĀ Extraordinary Oil cream each night on a clean face and neck, it is also a great moisturizer but takes a while to seep into the skin, so you might want to avoid sleeping directly after application.


There you have it, my simple daily routine in a nutshell, the easier the better!

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