L’Oreal Paris – Festival De Cannes

L’Oreal Paris hosted an event at ABC Ashrafieh to present their new Extraordinary Oil products along with the 3 beauty trends for this year’s Cannes film festival. L’Oreal is the official makeup artist of this film festival, so who better to give us a red carpet pampering session than the experts?



The 3 makeup trends are:

1 – L’Or Pin Up

2 – Some Like It Hot

3 – The Barefoot Contessa

I chose a dramatic look for a change, because I usually go for understated makeup, so the 2nd trend was my choice, and these are the products used.


This is the new Extraordinary Oil and the primer to be applied on the face prior to getting the makeup done.



Perhaps it is not too visible in the photo, but the eye-shadow used was electric blue, and a mix of many lipstick shades that really made my lips pop. Not a daytime look but it is definitely fun for the night.






This is a detailed sheet for the trends and how to achieve them, make sure to save a copy, if you need a higher resolution, don’t hesitate to contact me.


This is the goody bag from L’Oreal, very generous and useful products.


This is my official Cannes shot!

Polaroid Picture-9



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