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Effortless Formal Style

Effortless Formal Style

We all have social or religious obligations that require a formal dress code, and when we can’t figure out what to wear, we can attend without going out of our style comfort zone, by being as simple as possible. That was the case for me this past Palm Sunday, where most ladies will be wearing dresses and skirts, I personally am not a big fan of this and for practical reasons I avoid it. What I chose to put together for that event is something easy to recreate with items in your closet, and can be worn to any casual or formal daytime event. I decided to pair beige pants with a loose shirt and classic loafers and a leather bag, together they are polished and feminine. Remember that it is always better to wear what suits you and isn’t a hassle to maintain throughout the day, if you are bothered by your outfit, it will be reflected in your behavior, so it is always better to be understated than over the top!


Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Gucci

Bag: Kate Spade

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