My 1 Year Blog Anniversary

April marks 1 year of blogging for me. When I created Style Me Maria, I allowed the online community to peer into my world. Whether it is through my blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, Snapchat, and my already in use Instagram and Twitter. My online persona is me, not hiding behind a mask of pretense, what you see is what you get. To me that is important and is the root of my character, I am very true to myself, I take pride in the fact that I don’t put on a front. Throughout this year I have brought to you my daily outfits, I showed you the practical side of style that is rare on social media platforms. Fashion isn’t something we do on an event basis, it is everyday, it is where we feel most comfortable, and myself as a mom and a working woman with a hectic schedule, comfort is luxury. I am in rare instances with makeup, I find it empowering that we all embrace our natural beauty, for God created us each unique, and I’m sure we as women have more to present to the world than beauty. I also shared intimate family moments, quotes and thoughts that are motivating, my love for good food and passion for travel. Having this presence has its perks as well as a downside. It gives me great satisfaction to positively influence my readers as well as having an outlet for myself to speak my mind. It also gave me the opportunity to attend countless events and meet influential people in fashion and media, as well as the chance to collaborate with a few shops and brands. At the same time I found that the blogging entourage is not always what it seems to be. Unfortunately many bloggers were not welcoming, in fear of changing the status quo, some even took the offensive strategy and tried to start online wars by mockery. I did make a few friends, they are the ones who not unlike me, are not afraid to speak their mind but do not cross lines while doing so. As for the rest, my friendly advances were not welcomed, and to them I would like to say, there is place for everyone, it is not a competition.


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