The Natural World Of Beesline

A while ago I received a gift basket from Beesline. It is a Lebanese cosmetic brand that prides itself in its natural ingredients mainly apitherapy, which is the use of honey bee products. I am a huge fan of natural products and tend to search for them when I am at a department store or a para-pharmacy as I have sensitive skin, especially my face.

Inside the bag was a pair of anti odor socks, lip balm, sea salt foot scrub, anti shine facial mask, and beeswax ointment.



The facial mask was thick in texture that is easy to rub with a pleasant scent.


I applied it for around 15 minutes until the product started to harden and rinsed it out with lukewarm water. My skin felt very cool and smooth afterwards.


The foot scrub on the other hand has a gravel like texture and massaging it on my the feet was a relaxing experience in itself. I left it on for 10 minutes before I rinsed it out.


The lip balm is my favorite item out of the lot, it is very smooth and creates a wax layer on the lips that lasts a lot longer than other generic balms. It smoothens the lips and heals in case they are chapped.


The ointment is effective for use on any dry or flaky area of the skin, and I took the liberty of applying it post shower on my cheeks since they tend to become red afterwards. You can apply it to soothe your skin without worrying about any chemical addition since it is a natural product .


There you have it, my trial of the above Beesline products. After testing I do recommend them especially if you have sensitive skin, and they will come in handy for all skin types in the winter.

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