A Few Valentine’s Thoughts

Happy Valentine’s day dear friends.

All the recent hype leads to today. For many, this day is full of pressure, standards to be met, wishes to be made true. Except it shouldn’t be. You know how you hear someone say its a marketing trap and think that person must be cynical? Well its true. I’m a hopeless romantic and yet I agree with that statement.

What is this day then? Its a day to celebrate love. Pure love and not materialistic love. Love yourself first above everyone else, and once you learn how to do that, the love you give will be very powerful. If you are single, take this occasion to profess your love to your family and friends. If you are in a relationship, show your partner how much they mean to you by kind gestures, and by all means do them as often as you can and not only today.

Don’t get caught up with the size of the bouquet of overpriced roses, a single rose has the same message. Try not to compare gifts with those of others, sometimes a hand crafted card has more meaning. The same applies to dinner, a stroll in nature or a home cooked meal can be equally romantic as that of a 5 star hotel.

Wishing you love, love, and more love!

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