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My Weekend Mom Style

Any mom can tell you that simplicity and function trump style every time. This is especially true when we are out with our children and the last thing on our mind is over the top fashion. However this does not mean looking frumpy, it means that we change the way we dress according to practicality.

Below is an example of a typical outfit of mine when I am with my daughter for weekend lunches, dinners, and general mall or outdoor activity. I am usually in denim as I can crouch, sit, lay on the floor and pretty much do anything without worrying about stains and dirt. I choose cotton tops over any other fabric as is it comfy, goes well with any body type, and doesn’t restrict movement. My advice is, make sure you wear tops that are below your hip line to avoid awkward exposure when running around after your little one. I am always in sneakers especially those i can slip on and off in a few seconds. Remember to choose thick soles for hours of foot comfort. When it comes to accessories I go minimal, a simple leather watch and a pendant.


Top: Tommy Hilfiger

Denim: DKNY

Shoes: Superga

Watch: Cerruti

Necklace: Swarovski

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