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Sunday Sin: Casper & Gambini’s

Does anyone else indulge on Sunday evening? I usually do, and I would choose dessert over any other snack and even dinner. I passed by Casper & Gambini’s in ABC Dbayeh with my family to satisfy my sweet tooth.

We ordered the Chocolate Fondant for 13,500 L.L. The cake’s exterior is thick and buttery, and the inside is smooth melting chocolate. It comes with a side of vanilla ice cream to cool off the hot chocolate taste.


My choice was the Trio Chocolate Mousse for 14,750 L.L. which is a crispy cake bottom with three layers of chocolate, milk, white and dark. It comes with a side of red fruit sorbet. This is one of the most satisfying chocolate cakes I have tasted, each bite is creamy and filling.


If you are a chocolate lover, make sure to give these items a try!

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