Product Review: Makeup Forever’s Smoky Extravagant Mascara

I have mentioned previously here¬†about my most recent experience of shopping in the U.S. and how I received a little sample kit from Sephora. One of the items included in this package is Makeup Forever’s mascara Smoky Extravagant.


I decided to give it a try a few nights ago to see what its all about. First of all it is smaller than the regular size since this isn’t for retail. The brush however is the same, and is thin at the tip for precision. Applying the mascara is super easy because of this and there is no risk in messing it up around the edges of the eyes.


The result isn’t what I hoped for though, and I found the name to be misleading. I was hoping for a dark night look, but it was more suitable for daytime.


The advantage is that it isn’t clumpy and it has an overall natural effect, however if you intend to buy it for a dramatic look I would advise you to pass.


This is the final no makeup look except mascara.


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