A Ritual For Soft Hands

Who among us doesn’t suffer from dry flaky skin during the winter? It truly is a dilemma when the harsh cold weather strips the moisture from our skin, causing damage. Our hands in particular are constantly exposed, and if you want something a bit more efficient than lotion, give the following a try.

Last night I thought of pampering my hands in a little scrub I made up. Now I’m sure this exists somewhere and it isn’t an invention, but here’s what I did.

1. I got a plastic bowl and filled it up with hot tap water.

2. I sprayed some salt.

3. I added olive oil in a generous amount.

4. I mixed them together.

5. I soaked my hands in the mix for about 10 minutes while rubbing them together from time to time.

6. I washed my hands with soap.

The result is smooth silky hands and (bare) nails. Why? Because salt has great scrubbing ability and cleans out dead or dry skin cells, and olive oil is known for its beauty benefits.

Go ahead and give it a try, as for me, I will be doing this weekly!

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