This Holiday Season, Why Not Under-Dress?

A lot of magazine and social media focus for women around the holidays is what to wear, and most of the time it is an over the top outfit.

So they tell you to wear a fancy dress or sequined skirt?¬†Well I’m here to say, go against that trend.

There is really no sense in buying holiday outfits unless you are under 10 years old. In doing so, you would only be buying an item that will go on sale in about a week, and that you will probably never wear again. Instead of that, why not mix and match from your own closet? Is there an item you have purchased and never worn? Do you have a go to pair of pants that are really flattering? Combine those items and add your own holiday twist to them. Consider a broche or a vintage necklace, play things up with your makeup, wear some heels to a simple outfit or in my case (I loathe heels) ballet flats.

While there is nothing wrong in buying a new item for a holiday party, don’t get too caught up in the moment that you end up getting something too impractical. Rather, focus on the time spent with relatives and friends, its the memories that matter, not the statement outfit!

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