Tag A Friend Who Would Wear Air Max

That phrase is my newest pet peeve. Yes, tagging our friends who would dare to wear this unattainable pair of Nike is the newest thing on Instagram.


Almost everywhere on social media I see photos of girls wearing these sneakers, which is alright, except when everyone starts idolizing them. Am I missing something? Since when is it an achievement when we buy running shoes, that we must rub it in everyone’s face? And how they have become so over rated that they are being worn with dresses and skirts is something I cannot understand. They are pretty shoes, I wouldn’t mind owning a pair, just like I own other sneakers, but I would never flaunt them the way I see others do.

So please people, think straight, just because someone posted themselves wearing them doesn’t mean you should run out and grab a pair, they are just Nike Air Max for God’s sake!


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