I was invited to attend the launch of XLEYELASH in Lebanon at The Smallville Hotel. This product is part of the Swisscare medical cosmetic range and distributed exclusively by Medvision.

The venue itself was very charming, a boutique hotel in the heart of Beirut. Hostesses greeted me at the entrance while I was handed my Swisscare goody bag and had my picture taken at the backdrop. Then I was led to the elevator which took me up to the hall. It was a romantic ambiance with dim lighting and candles, the invitees were pharmacists, journalists and bloggers to name a few. After some chit chat and a few rounds of mini burgers, seafood delicacies and drinks had passed, we were all invited to the next room to watch a presentation.

As we got to know a bit more about the significance of eyebrows as a facial feature throughout the ages, we were taught about the importance of the XL Eyelash product and how to use it. It is a treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows that is ongoing for 6 to 8 weeks depending on the status of your lashes and brows. Eyebrows may have thinned or fallen out due to changes in hormones, pregnancy, diet, excessive mascara or even a hereditary cause. Anyone can use the product, even ladies that don’t have lash problems, but want to strengthen them. It is applied daily morning and night to promote healthy growth, and since it is a medical type of cosmetics, results are guaranteed.

I will be starting this treatment soon and will definitely share it with you on the blog along with the results.

Take a look at a few snapshots of the event.








What I wore to the event:

Blazer: Ralph Lauren

Top: L.O.G.G. by H&M

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger

Update: Below is one of the professional pictures sent to me.


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