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Makeup Is Overrated

In a world where too much importance is placed on outer shells, we tend to forget to embrace our own God-given beauty. Cosmetics is a booming billion dollar industry that won’t stop short of making girls feel bad about themselves and their looks to sell their products. How? By making us feel that we need to buy products so we look like the girls in the magazines, who incidentally don’t even look like that before the photo editing. While the occasional makeup is nice when we have an event to attend, it shouldn’t be what makes us feel better or pretty. There is nothing like natural beauty, why hide behind layers of foundation? Let’s allow our skin to breathe. Why apply mascara and eyeliner while our eyes can be just as charming? Why the lipliner and lipstick to reshape and increase the volume of our lips, when the way they are is harmonious for our face?

Don’t get me wrong, I do love makeup and I have drawers full of cosmetics, but I only use them when I have a wedding or something similar to attend. If you have met me in person, you already know how much I dislike applying makeup to work and pretty much anywhere. I go out Saturday nights and Sundays makeup free. If you also follow my Instagram account , most (if not all) of my photos are also with no makeup.

Check this photo for example, me on a given Sunday night, fresh out of the shower with my natural hair and face. Yes I have light eyelashes and eyebrows, and no it doesn’t bother me and I don’t feel the urge to pronounce them.


Call me over confident or whatever you wish, give it a try and you will find it a freeing experience, not to mention a time saver. Remember, we are all beautiful!

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