The Shoes I Wore For 1 Week Straight

I had recently purchased a pair of Skechers ‘On-The-Go’ from the States, and although I was about to walk out the store without them, I had hunch telling me to buy them and I’m glad I did. 

I boast quite a large collection of shoes, especially sneakers, so I usually wear a different pair each day. But as soon as I put the Skechers on, I couldn’t take them off. Why? Because their soles are soft which make walking and standing super easy. At the end of my work week it struck me that I hadn’t taken these shoes off, and I thought I must share them with you! I spotted ones similar to them in Skechers City Center but they aren’t the same design, I hope they will be available in Lebanon soon, and I highly recommend you get a pair!


I didn’t get them in a classic color, because for me when it comes to footwear, the more colorful the better!

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