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Restaurant Review: La Piazza

Restaurant Review: La Piazza

For one reason or another, it has been a couple of years since I last visited La Piazza. It used to be one of the rare decent Italian restaurants in Beirut, and one of my favorites.

I ordered Fettuccine Al Pollo for 20,900 L.L. It seemed like a small portion at first glance, but as I started to eat, I got full quickly. It is very creamy with a generous amount of chicken and mushroom. It had a distinct taste of garlic unlike other pasta dishes that are becoming generic. The sauce didn’t dry up as it got cold, which allowed me to take my time and enjoy it as opposed to rushing through my meal.


Next the Quattro Formaggi for 22,500. It had a thin dough with a thick crust, and the cheese and sauce were juicy and tasty. Add a little hot oil and some extra parmesan on it for a twist.


Finally the Choux Pastry/Profiteroles for 10,900 L.L. The vanilla ice cream is the kind I like, not too milky, but a more natural vanilla. The chocolate sauce is to die for, BUT I would recommend removing the almonds, they distract from the taste and to me they were like a punishment to eat. I remember this dessert to be tastier back when I used to frequent La Piazza. The portion can easily be shared.


Soft drinks are 4,900 L.L. each with no refill, and for this type of creamy food you will definitely need more than 1 to quench your thirst!

Final verdict: La Piazza still has its original charm, that of a small Italian village in its decor, both indoor and outside in the courtyard. It used to be a high end restaurant, much more expensive than other places, but now that prices are increasing in all Beirut restaurants, its prices are fair for the high quality of food and service. A definite must try especially for a date night!

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