With Age Comes The Handbag

A couple or ten years ago, high-schoolers and university students were more humble in what they wore, opting to choose items that are age appropriate.┬áToday in a fashion conscious visual world of social media, filters and hashtags, I can’t help but notice that too much of a good thing is actually bad.

The main issue here isn’t the savvy shoppers, its the young women trying too hard to look older. And that is being done via their handbag. The youngsters in this present day are carrying the Chanel Boy or Lady Dior.


There is a certain sophistication that comes along with owning one of these bags, and in my opinion, this should be something you achieve and not force. In other words, if you are still a young girl, the bag will overpower you. It will seem as if you borrowed it from your mom’s closet or maybe bought as a gift from your parents, either way you will look awkward. Instead, think of how different it will look once you are an accomplished working woman who has earned the ‘status’ handbag.


There is nothing more beautiful than a girl dressing according to her age. My style tip is, keep it simple, experiment with fashion, buy crazy handbags, choose wisely, stick to casual designers and leave the classics to when you can wear them, as opposed to them wearing you!

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