The Children’s Trend That Must Stop

A few days ago I walked past a few shops at a department store and did a double take. What seemingly innocent children’s t shirts were in fact graphic tees with skulls on them. They came in such small sizes, newborn or 3 months probably up to kid’s sizes.


Where do I begin my rant?

We now idolize symbols of death? We now make fashion out of them? Who on earth came up with this idea?


Hey, I know, lets print a skull and make an innocent baby wear it.

Why are we robbing our children of their innocence? Are rainbows, hearts, flowers, butterflies, animals, cartoon characters and other prints passee? Is this what we have come to?


The only ones worse than the manufacturer are the ones who actually sell this crap in their stores. Oh and the parents who buy them.

Feel free to disagree, but this is my firm opinion, no excuses whatsoever. You can dress up the skull in whatever girly accessories you like, but it is still an effing skull!




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