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Men's Tuxedo Guide

Men’s Tuxedo Guide

At any black tie event, all eyes are on the ladies, whether they are brides or in evening wear. This does not diminish the role of men at these events, they too complement a woman’s wardrobe as well as giving off the gentleman vibe according to their own style. However not all tuxedos suit all body types. Here is a small guide to choosing the perfect tux for you.

First, know these key words.

The image below shows collar types.


The image below shows the difference between pleated (left) and flat front (right) pants.


Next, specify your body type.

1. Tall and thin

Just about any type of tux suits you, from the 2 to the 4 button jacket, peaked or notched. If you want to create the illusion of not being too thin, consider a double breasted jacket like the image below. Also go with shoulder padding for extra width. Pleated and flat front pants will look good.


2. Tall and muscular/husky

It is best to choose a single button jacket with a thin lapel and a shawl collar as it is slimming. Avoid a tight suit and stick to a pleated pant leg. Choose a narrow tie to further elongate your body instead of a bow tie.


3. Short and thin

Choose a jacket with a low positioning of the button, and avoid 4 button double breasted shawl ones. Feel free to wear both pleated and flat front pants as long as they are not a thin leg fit.


4. Short and muscular/husky

Choose a 1 or 2 button jacket with a shawl collar and thin lapels. A slim leg pant is best, so is a thin tie.

download (1)

Now you know which tuxedo suits you, you are ready to go shopping. Keep in mind that a lot of times, the suits might need tailoring to your exact measurements to look perfect. Good luck fellas!

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