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In Search Of THE Beach Bag

I have a summer dilemma.

It has been over 2 years now that I am searching for a proper beach bag. I have a list of criteria and I won’t settle for anything less. Take them into consideration if you are also browsing for one.

1. Transparent bags may be a big thing now, but it is not practical or safe to have all your personal belongings on display.

Pink transparent

2. Another trend that is still here this summer is the open bag with no zipper, this type of bag is boxy, proportional and easy on the eyes, but I refuse to be duped into buying it. Again, privacy please.


3. Big glossy bags are ok, minus the glossy. You wouldn’t want it to stick to you after you have applied oil or lotion.


4. Small bags that appear to be larger than they are, watch out for this as they tend to not fit a towel.


I will keep searching and I will share my findings with you, wish me luck!

happy wheels 2

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