Must Have Items By The Time You Are 30

The world of fashion is ever changing, we buy clothes just to find out that the next season they are old news. We throw them out and buy some more. This might be the story in our teen years and even our 20s, but by the time a woman is 30, there are a few staple items that must be in her closet. These items are classic and survive the changes in trends, and hence are worth the splurge.

1. The Everyday Handbag:

This bag is durable and meant to be carried everyday. Buy this in a neutral, dark, or tan color, one that goes with almost all your clothes. Make sure that the material can be wiped down and that the stitching is well done. I recommend brands such as Longchamp, La Bagagerie, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors. These bags range from $100 to $300.



2. The Iconic Handbag:

When choosing this bag, make sure it is a classic model and not a trendy designer ‘it’ bag such as the atrocious Fendi monster, because you will be carrying it for years. Make peace with the fact that you will shell out anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000, and if you are one of the few who can afford it, some $50,000. Think designer and choose their most elegant model such as the Chanel below.


3. Classic Black Pumps:

In a sea of high heels of all colors and shapes, you cannot avoid the fact that a classic pair of black heels is a must. They can be worn to almost all occasions. When shopping for this item, stick to an average height and width heel with no embellishments such as these Louboutins.


4. The Basic Blouse:

This blouse is one that fits your form the best, and that can be worn throughout the year on its own, sleeves up or underneath a blazer. Choose white, light blue or black, as these are the most versatile colors. The blouse below is Saint Laurent.


5. A Little Black Dress:

Also known as the L.B.D. Choose a dress that best suits your body and you can wear comfortably. The many uses of this dress can range from a wedding to a funeral, so choose it wisely and keep it tasteful, like the Diane Von Furstenberg dress shown below.


6. Denim:

Not all body shapes can wear skinny jeans, just as not all can wear the boot leg. So disregard the trends and what you would love to wear, and buy a pair of fitted denim for your shape. A dark wash can be worn at night and can be considered semi formal, whereas a light wash is more casual. If you must choose one then go for the dark. Think True Religion Brand Jeans, 7 For All Mankind, Current/Elliott, Citizens Of Humanity, J Brand, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.


7. Formal Pants:

Make sure you have a pair of formal pants, tailored to fit your body. They can be a quick solution to a last minute event and can be dressed up easily. Stick to black and once you have that, you can move on to beige, white or gray.


8. Blazer:

Nothing adds a final touch to an outfit the way a blazer does. Choose one that is fitted at the waist for a little femininity, and you can pair it with your formal pants or denim.

black blazer

9. Trench Coat:

No winter outfit is complete without the trench coat. It protects you from the wind without sacrificing fashion.


10. Ballet Flats:

Don’t ignore the need for ballet flats, they should be comfy and of high quality to last you season after season. After all, we can’t spend our lives in heels, but we can be feminine while wearing flats such as these Chanel.



11. Wallet

Every woman needs a wallet that is both durable and stylish. If you invest in leather, it will last you a long time and it can be fun too like this Lancel wallet.

Lancel Premier Flirt 67_LRG

12. The Timepiece

A classic watch is the ultimate status symbol and is an accessory in itself. Stay away from funky designs and colors and you’ll have yourself a watch that will last you a lifetime. The ultimate timepiece is a Rolex like the one below.



13. Key-chain

Instead of just any key-chain, choose a quality piece to hold your keys. It can be leather or stainless steel, or even crystal. Give yourself the freedom to go crazy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring, just keep it classy like this Coach.

images (1)

14. Sunglasses

A great pair of shades can become part of your identity. The temptation of buying sunglasses each season is high, although there is nothing wrong with that, try sticking to a classic model that can outlast any trend. Use this guide to help you choose which frames suit your face shape and you should be set.

images (2)

15. Makeup

The days of drugstore makeup should be long gone by now, and replaced with high quality products. Invest in the essentials such as foundation, concealer, blush etc. Buy a set of brushes, and have your own signature shade of lipstick. Don’t forget a makeup pouch to carry with you in your bag.


16. Sweats

Every girl needs her down time. Sweats are under rated, but sporting a matching suit actually helps you in looking polished while dressing down. Whether you choose Adidas or any sports brand, or even a Juicy Couture track suit, make sure they match and you are set to go.

download (1)

17. Gold and Diamond

There is no harm in buying yourself gold or diamond. They are actual investments, and add sophistication to your look. They are best kept for special occasions but if simple, can be worn on a daily basis. You can start by having your name set out in a gold necklace.


18. Signature Accessory

Are you a ring person? Or maybe you prefer a cuff, or a statement necklace. Whatever it is, if you purchase a high quality accessory that doesn’t fade in color or rusts, then you can integrate it in your daily outfits and it will become a part of who you are. The ring below is Swarovski.

images (4)

19. Skin Care

Its never too early to take care of your skin, especially your face, and 30 is in fact a bit late. Moisturize as much as you can and don’t forget the SPF. Choose the product that suits your skin type, and if you are interested, read my review for Chanel skin care range here


20. The Scent

Last but not least, after years of experimenting with various perfumes, it is time to settle on one and own it. There is nothing more enticing than having people remember you by your scent.

images (3)


I have all the items on this check list, how about you, when will you start?








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