Product Review: Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil

When it comes to my skin tone, I would say I am neither pale nor tan, which makes it hard for me to understand why I have fine and light eyebrows. When applying make up they tend to fade under the foundation, so I must fill them with an eyebrow pencil. I had previously tried more than one type of product, and I finally settled on Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil. I use number 30 Brun Naturel, it suits my natural hair color and doesn’t make my eyebrows pop out in an overpowering way.


This is the kit, it comes with a special Chanel sharpener.


The pencil is 2 sided, one for filling and one for brushing.


This is the result with makeup. Just a little note, it lasts throughout the day and even after I finish my zumba workout (with all that it entails) it stays intact until you use a makeup remover.

The Chanel pencil is the best I have tried so far, my only problem with it is that the texture is too light, so if you want to get the look in the picture above, you really need to press firmly when applying. BUT since I like to look on the bright side, I would say that this issue makes it perfect for everyday use, since it is subtle. If you follow my instagram you can see that in most of the pictures I have my eyebrows filled with it, and you can’t even tell because it is so natural!

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