How to Combine Colors in Your Outfit

Do you ever wonder why some street style or runway outfits look great even though the colors are seemingly bold and not too obviously matched? If you want to pull that look off without it looking disastrous, simply follow the color wheel. Once you get the hang of it, mixing colors will come naturally.


The color wheel isn’t just for designers and artists, it can help us understand color combinations and how to use them to dress well. The wheel consists of primary, secondary and tertiary (or intermediate) colors.

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In order to find the perfect color combinations, follow these rules:


The analogous colors are those that are next to each other. For example choose a color and the one to its left and right make a harmonious combination.


The complementary colors are opposites and create a high contrast dynamic look.


Use the split complementary technique if you wish to tone your outfit down, which means using the colors on either side of the complementary color.


You can also use colors that are in 90 degrees position to each other, and an X and T position.

Black, white and brown are considered neutrals in this case, and you can match them with any combination you like. Keep in mind that the above color wheel is basic, and there are tons of hues and shades to combine.


Don’t shy away from experimenting with color, but make sure your overall look is harmonious, follow the color wheel and it should guide you to avoid clashing colors!

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