Product Review: Chanel Hydra Beauty

Who among us doesn’t love Chanel? When I got the chance to sample their skincare line, I couldn’t say no. A big thank you to the ladies at the Chanel counter at the department store, this is my review for their ‘Hydra Beauty’ range.


It has been over a month that I have started using this line. I had been using a BB cream for a short while before, so I got used to the daily coverage. The first day or two without my BB cream was awkward, I felt naked.

The daily procedure is as follows: Mornings I put the serum followed by the cream on my face avoiding the eyes, at night I apply the serum (the cream is optional at night). My skin is normal to dry, and a tad sensitive, so I used the cream for dry skin. Both the serum and cream smell heavenly, Chanel should consider bottling them as perfume! You only need a small amount and it spreads a lot, I am still on one of the tubes. My face stayed hydrated throughout the day, and even after a warm bath when my skin usually dries out, the serum would help regain its moisture.

My only biff is the lack of coverage because my cheeks have a tendency to blush, but that is expected because it is a moisturizer and doesn’t promise anything it doesn’t deliver. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this skincare line. Once I finish my second tube, which will take me at least another month, I will definitely be buying this range especially at the beginning of next autumn, its perfect for battling dry skin in the cold weather.

Chanel, you never disappoint!

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