High Heels at the Mall

My list of fashion pet peeves is quite long, and opinionated as I am, every once in a while I vent on the blog. This time I want to discuss wearing high heels at the mall.


I more often than not, see young women walking (nay, wobbling) around in sky high heels at the most inappropriate places such as the mall, the supermarket or open air souks. I don’t understand why they would impose on themselves such torture. Ladies, if you are going to shop, it takes time and effort, and the last thing you need is to be walking on little stilts. You need to be comfy to walk in and out of shops and try on clothes for quite some time.

Now if you happen to be on a date at the mall, I understand your wish to appear leaner, taller and more feminine when walking next to your special someone, but trust me the sight is not a fair one. He will end up supporting you to be able to walk. If you must wear heels, try kitten or wedge heels.

Yves Saint Laurent's suede Ingenue pump, as championed my Alexa Chung.


Or if you are anything like me and couldn’t care less what people around you think, wear trainers or patterned/floral sneakers.



High heels are best left for special occasions that don’t entail walking for hours. Spare your feet from future bunions, not to mention the risk of spraining your ankle while walking long distances is high.

Please impress yourself before impressing others!

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