Musings Of An Introvert

I love to write down my thoughts but does anyone even read these types of blog posts? Well for those who do, here is what I want to say.

If ever you feel that I’m distant, don’t be offended, its just the way I am. I need to be alone most of the time and that’s ok. I never used to think it was ok, it’s very weird being different, but as I grew older and understood myself more, I realized that different is not necessarily bad. It took me a long while to find out what made me tick, and when I did, I didn’t run away from it, I owned it. Introversion isn’t shyness, it is merely the way some brains are wired, and instead of getting energy from other people, introverts search within to recharge their buttons. read more

Foodie In Paris

A few months back I shared with you my Parisian vacation, which was my first experience of traveling while pregnant. I abstained from including my foodie stops, because a couple of photos won’t do Paris justice, so I prepared a full fledged entry of mouthwatering eye candy for anyone who is planning to visit the city of lights.

La Cure Gourmande is a sweets shop with vintage inspired packaging where you can either buy a pre-packed selection of pastries or choose and weigh your own combo using the available plastic bags. The pastries are so puffy and light, and the display is very enticing, you can’t help but surrender your senses. Beware the total cost though, as each item weighs quite a few grams so it totals up to be equivalent to a decent meal for two. read more

Restaurant Review: Madame Tussaud’s

Nestled in the heart of the Byblos old souk lays Madame Tussaud’s, a luxurious restaurant serving international fusion cuisine which is taking the area by storm. U Management who is behind Ubernation and Barracuda have recently opened Madame Tussaud’s along with Gosh pub.


The latter two lie adjacent in the souk, and while the signature drinks for both joints are served from Gosh, the dishes are from Mme Tussaud’s. I sat down with one of the partners as he explained to me the concept of the restaurant, its attempt to introduce restaurant goers to this type of cuisine, the meticulous choice of cutlery to complement the presentation, along with the menu developed by their top chef. Mme Tussaud’s is a new type of diner with chic decor that offers original and tasty cuisine with prices that won’t break the bank. read more

The Downfalls Of Being A Blogger

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while now and I recently managed to put my ideas together for what will mark my 200th post. In no way am I generalizing in what I’m about to state, there is a sea of wonderful bloggers, professional PR managers, and inspiring Instagrammers, and although I may sound cynical, I’m only conveying truths I have lived for the past few years. I know many of you still enjoy reading as opposed to having images crammed down your throats, so this one’s for you. read more

How I Got Over My Fear Of Patterns

My closet is full of colorful clothes, they give off positive vibes and can pick me up when I’m feeling blue. I experiment as much as I can with my style, but I have always been self conscious when it comes to patterns. It was a combination between a fear of looking like I’m a circus act, and being curvy meaning anything that wasn’t solid on vertical stripes would make me appear twice my size. When I would feel like dressing up in long floral bohemian skirts, I had the tendency to wear a solid colored top, preferably a sober color. But because¬†I’ve never been one to follow fashion and trends (as a matter of fact I tend to avoid them like the plague) I recently ditched the fear and the what ifs and started to mix and match the most unlikely tops and bottoms, and for a strange reason they worked. I ended up combining the weirdest items that I already owned with new crazy buys and got rid of my pattern phobia. These are some of the outfits I wore, and I interchanged them to create my personal street style. Now this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, in fact some might even find this too out of the way, but my advice is, whatever you wear, own it. Don’t imitate someone else’s style. You can let it inspire you to take fashion risks but if you aren’t true to what you feel most comfortable in, it will be a style disaster. read more

Restaurant Review: East Village

I’m quite late to the Badaro game, so for my initiation to the area last Saturday night, I chose East Village. I had been hearing good reviews about the place and I wanted to try it because of the reference to my soft spot, New York City. We took a walk in the area and as we approached it we noticed a humble exterior with a busy interior. Three energetic men who are most likely partners or managers, along with two waitresses, gave off vibes that were a mix of hard work, attention and friendliness. All throughout the night as people walked in, it seemed to me that they were regulars by the way they greeted and were greeted, which of course is a good sign because a return customer is a plus to any establishment. read more

My Weight Loss Journey Begins

Anyone who has struggled with weight gain and loss over and over again is no stranger to the frustration of the added kilos, and the delight of those lost.

Some people have metabolisms that help them burn their calorie intake quickly, and I envy those people, because what is better in life than food? On the other side of the spectrum where I belong, I constantly watch what I eat, and God forbid I feel like enjoying a well deserved meal or snack once in a blue moon, I find that I gain at least a kilo the next morning. Depressing, right? read more

Preparing Your Eldest Child For A New Baby


I scrambled my thoughts together to write a parenting post gathered from my first hand experience on how I prepared Tracy deal with the arrival of her little brother Fares, and how I helped her adjust. I must say that these are in no way foolproof, nor have I read about them in any book or online entry, they are solely based on my day to day struggle, and upon the encouragement of my friends to put these experiences into writing I finally did so.


There is nothing more exciting than expecting a new baby, but if the baby is the second in your family, the joy comes with a mini moment of panic. How do you break the news to your first born? How can you help your eldest adjust? Can you avoid jealousy between siblings? read more

Lebanese Fine Dining At Bou Melhem

If you think that Lebanese restaurants are stuck in a rut, then you definitely haven’t tried Bou Melhem, which gives the industry a run for their money. Never have I witnessed such service, from the speed of the dishes being placed on the table, to the attentiveness of the waiters and the friendliness of the staff. The food ranged from traditional hommos and tabboule to an updated ‘raheb’ salad, their signature ‘mouhammara’, smoked hommos and goat cheese salad with dried figs to name a few. I especially loved the cheese with jam, and the chicken with pesto sauce. The generously portioned grilled meat platter included chicken, kabab, kafta, meat and ribs. The desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth, my favorite is the decadent chocolate crepe with sorbet ice cream. The presentation of the items wasn’t typical, but offered in all white rectangular and circular plates which made all the difference and instantly gave Bou Melhem an upscale feel. Every dish served was exquisite, both visually and in terms of taste. The one man show and parade made sure there was never a dull moment during the evening, and the party went on until way past midnight. read more

Summer Nights At Amethyste Phoenicia Lounge

When one thinks of the staple Beiruti hotel, Phoenicia is the first name that comes to mind. This low key spot is an integral part of the city and hides a little gem that goes by the name of Amethyste. This lounge combines the renowned cuisine of Phoenicia’s top chefs with a chill pool side ambiance that results in a night of delectable food without the chaotic crowds found in other local spots.

This summer, I attended two specialty nights; one was the Sohour during Ramadan, with a large buffet of mouthwatering international dishes and a dessert table so decadent I couldn’t resist sampling most of what was offered. read more