Iro’s Uptown Circle Closet

Last Tuesday, May 20th, Iro boutique in downtown Beirut hosted its ‘Uptown Circle Closet’. Its the first fashion event I was invited to since I started blogging a month and a half ago, and I didn’t expect it to happen so soon!

I wanted to make sure I came across as my true self through my style, and because I value comfort, I dressed casually in a polo shirt and denim. I stacked my bracelets and rings, put on some mascara and headed to Iro.


The crowd started building up slowly but surely, with photographers making sure everyone gets their share of poses, and caterers making their rounds with drinks and treats. The atmosphere was laid back, people in the fashion business or purely for the love of it, dropped by and started to mingle and try on Iro items for a friendly competition. read more