Dress Your Petite Frame

If you have a petite frame, you might find it less than easy to wear clothes off the rack without some tailoring. The reason is, petites have different proportions than women of average height, and most items we see in shops are not meant for the former.

In Lebanon, there is a lack of shops with a petite section. I have a few tips that can help you when you get dressed or the next time you go shopping, to make do with what is available in stores.

The major illusion you want to create is height. So for starters, avoid cutting your body in half with colors or fabrics, transfer the cut line higher instead, this will elongate your legs and torso. Avoid too much color combination and patterns, these styles need height and space on the body, and they will only make your frame appear even smaller, so go for monochrome outfits. On that note, you can wear stripes, but make sure they are vertical, as they will make you seem taller. Steer clear of too much layering so remove all unnecessary bulk. read more