Product Review: Chanel Hydra Beauty

Who among us doesn’t love Chanel? When I got the chance to sample their skincare line, I couldn’t say no. A big thank you to the ladies at the Chanel counter at the department store, this is my review for their ‘Hydra Beauty’ range.


It has been over a month that I have started using this line. I had been using a BB cream for a short while before, so I got used to the daily coverage. The first day or two without my BB cream was awkward, I felt naked.

The daily procedure is as follows: Mornings I put the serum followed by the cream on my face avoiding the eyes, at night I apply the serum (the cream is optional at night). My skin is normal to dry, and a tad sensitive, so I used the cream for dry skin. Both the serum and cream smell heavenly, Chanel should consider bottling them as perfume! You only need a small amount and it spreads a lot, I am still on one of the tubes. My face stayed hydrated throughout the day, and even after a warm bath when my skin usually dries out, the serum would help regain its moisture. read more

High Heels at the Mall

My list of fashion pet peeves is quite long, and opinionated as I am, every once in a while I vent on the blog. This time I want to discuss wearing high heels at the mall.


I more often than not, see young women walking (nay, wobbling) around in sky high heels at the most inappropriate places such as the mall, the supermarket or open air souks. I don’t understand why they would impose on themselves such torture. Ladies, if you are going to shop, it takes time and effort, and the last thing you need is to be walking on little stilts. You need to be comfy to walk in and out of shops and try on clothes for quite some time. read more

Restaurant Review: Eau De Vie

My usual visits to Eau De Vie at the Phoenicia Intercontinental involve an a la carte menu of my choice, namely a steak. However, the wedding reception I attended last weekend was a pleasant culinary surprise. It was a set menu of 3 courses, with a dessert buffet, and coffee and tea.

The starter was ‘Duo of salmon and salad of baby vegetables charcoal grilled, walnuts and goat cheese’.


I’m not a big fan of seafood besides your basic fish, but judging by the vibrant taste of the goat cheese on the crispy pastry, and the freshness of the salad and its sauce, I gave the shrimp a try and it was worth it. read more

Salon Nails at Home

Why is it that when we get our nails done at the salon, they last for a week, but when we do them at home they chip within a couple of days?

The secret isn’t the nail polish brand or quality. Its the top coat.

If you are anything like me and have a busy lifestyle, then you can relate to the hassle of going to a salon. For starters, booking an appointment isn’t easy, especially if you work full time,  post 5 o’clock is rarely available unless you reserve over a week in advance. If you aren’t certain of your schedule, committing to an appointment that early isn’t guaranteed. A lot of times the chit-chat at the salons gets shallow and gossipy, and if you want to keep to yourself and just get your nails done and be out, you will feel like an outsider and a little bothered. Or maybe you want to paint your nails from the comfort of your own home, in front of the TV with your pjs on, perhaps during the night. Mind you I am not a salon hater, I do frequent them but there are times when I just rather be a lazy couch potato. Even if you are a regular at the salon, keep a top coat of your choice in your beauty drawer, you never know when you might need it. read more

Vintage Inspired Dress

The simplest and easiest form of chic comes in a black dress. However for a wedding I attended last Saturday, I chose to go bold in red.  While shopping for this occasion, I chose the shade of red that best compliments my natural coloring. I had recently posted a guide for doing this and in case you missed it, here is the link.

There is a certain elegance in a fully covered bust and a knee length dress, and to me modesty is feminine. I chose a vintage inspired dress with a golden belt at the waist, I played it up with subtle accessories. I let my hair down in loose waves to mirror the fluidity of the dress. I purposely mismatched black pumps with a beige handbag to break a needless fashion rule. Same applies to my nails, I went red for my toes and french tips for my hands. I also matched diamonds with ruby, white gold, and yellow gold. All these differences blended together to create my look. read more

The Bohemian Bride

The arrival of spring and summer bring along the wedding season. If you are a bride to be and still haven’t decided on the style of your dress, or simply if you want bridal inspiration for the future, keep reading because I will discuss the bohemian bride.

The bohemian, or boho, is a casual, natural, laid back kind of person, with a unique and eclectic style. I am a big fan of the boho-chic trend and if you feel that it truly reflects your character, you can pull off the perfect relaxed look for your wedding day. read more

Restaurant Review: Mandarine

Last weekend I headed down to Mandarine in Verdun. The restaurant has a few outdoor tables but it was too cold to sit outside, so the large indoor space was perfect. For a weekend it was a bit quiet, as the peak time is weekdays due to its prime location next to many companies.

The special features are a mezze conveyor, daily dishes, and a salad bar. The cuisine is international, ranging from salads, pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches to platters.

The item that drew me in was Chicken with Curry for 26,900 L.L. read more

Iro’s Uptown Circle Closet

Last Tuesday, May 20th, Iro boutique in downtown Beirut hosted its ‘Uptown Circle Closet’. Its the first fashion event I was invited to since I started blogging a month and a half ago, and I didn’t expect it to happen so soon!

I wanted to make sure I came across as my true self through my style, and because I value comfort, I dressed casually in a polo shirt and denim. I stacked my bracelets and rings, put on some mascara and headed to Iro.


The crowd started building up slowly but surely, with photographers making sure everyone gets their share of poses, and caterers making their rounds with drinks and treats. The atmosphere was laid back, people in the fashion business or purely for the love of it, dropped by and started to mingle and try on Iro items for a friendly competition. read more

How to Style a Sports Shirt

Today I want to share with you some tips on how to style a sports shirt.

I recently had a dinner to attend at a new restaurant, and not knowing the ambiance of the place, I didn’t want to go too overboard with my style. I opted for a loose sports shirt and played it up.


I decided to go natural for my makeup without foundation, and use earth tones that blend well with my hair and skin color. I let my hair down in waves, the looseness gives off a carefree vibe.


I wore diamond studs for simplicity, and mixed a Swarovski pendant with a bronze necklace. Try to stick with necklaces of short length, as they add polish to this style. read more

Restaurant Review: The Met

I went for a late lunch last weekend at The Met in Downtown Beirut Souks. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, and the ambiance is chill, full of families, couples, and tourists. Although its spacious, there is still a cozy charm about the place, perhaps its the interior finishing or the books adorning the shelves.


The menu is international, and it took me forever to decide on what cuisine I shall have. Eventually my husband and I ordered the following items.

For starters, we went ahead with the chicken tenders for 13,500 L.L. read more