Voyageur: Dix Ans Deja

A couple of weeks ago, Voyageur jewelry held a cocktail for their 10 year anniversary under the name ‘Dix Ans Deja’ in their Verdun branch.

First I viewed their newest collection in store and was led to the main area next to the ice bar, as caterers spun around offering delicacies. This is by far the most star studded event I have attended, with celebrities and TV personalities all gathered, the media coverage was huge.

The photo below is upon my arrival where there was a swarm of paparazzi following Nawal El Zoghbi, the new face of Voyageur, as she entered the event. read more

This Holiday Season, Why Not Under-Dress?

A lot of magazine and social media focus for women around the holidays is what to wear, and most of the time it is an over the top outfit.

So they tell you to wear a fancy dress or sequined skirt? Well I’m here to say, go against that trend.

There is really no sense in buying holiday outfits unless you are under 10 years old. In doing so, you would only be buying an item that will go on sale in about a week, and that you will probably never wear again. Instead of that, why not mix and match from your own closet? Is there an item you have purchased and never worn? Do you have a go to pair of pants that are really flattering? Combine those items and add your own holiday twist to them. Consider a broche or a vintage necklace, play things up with your makeup, wear some heels to a simple outfit or in my case (I loathe heels) ballet flats. read more

Crystal Sensations

Last Friday I was invited to attend a cocktail reception at The Grill Room of The Four Seasons Hotel. The reception was named Crystal Sensations that wedding and event maker Toni Breiss designed for Swarovski and The Four Seasons Hotel. The event was swanky, involving black cocktail dresses and tuxedos, chit chat, socializing, drinking and enjoying gourmet food, all while admiring the Swarovski crystals.

I have a soft spot for this place because it is where my parents hosted my engagement reception, so needless to say, no one does food better than Four Seasons. Hopefully the photos below will give you an idea of the ambiance. read more

Christmas At The Villa

Last week a 3 day event was held at Villa Linda Sursock under the name of Christmas At The Villa. 40 Lebanese artists and designers exhibited their work with sales profit benefiting Bassma, an NGO. Around 50 regional media attended to cover this event, alongside politicians, socialites and VIPs through personalized invitations.

Below are photos of the opening ceremony I was invited to attend, the exhibition was later open for public











I fell in love with the furniture below, I want to own them all! read more

DIY French Tip Nails

French tip nails are not impossible to do at home, and they are easier than they seem. On Sunday morning while chilling at home, I decided to give it a try. I have done this type of manicure before on my own but never with the Sally Hansen kit I had bought in the summer.

First I applied a base coat which is the hardener I always apply before painting my nails.


Next I used the White Tip across the tip of my nails in an arch form without the use of tape. I applied it twice before using the Sheer Romance also twice. read more

My 100th Post

This post marks my 100th since I started blogging in April, so much in such a short time, which gives me a chance to reflect back on the topics I wrote about and share with you why I love it.

I love to read and get lost in imagination, its an escape. In my case, my passion for reading started at a young age and translated into writing. I used to write short stories when I was a little kid, and ever since I write down my thoughts in a journal. I used to illustrate those stories and draw flip books of fashion sketches as well as painted and did chalk drawings on the sidewalk. The love for creativity and freedom of expression both in writing and drawing were born with me and developed through the years. My hands are the link to my soul. read more

Tag A Friend Who Would Wear Air Max

That phrase is my newest pet peeve. Yes, tagging our friends who would dare to wear this unattainable pair of Nike is the newest thing on Instagram.


Almost everywhere on social media I see photos of girls wearing these sneakers, which is alright, except when everyone starts idolizing them. Am I missing something? Since when is it an achievement when we buy running shoes, that we must rub it in everyone’s face? And how they have become so over rated that they are being worn with dresses and skirts is something I cannot understand. They are pretty shoes, I wouldn’t mind owning a pair, just like I own other sneakers, but I would never flaunt them the way I see others do. read more

Designers Market In Lebanon

Designers Market has landed in Lebanon, in the Zouk area. I was invited to the opening night and got the chance to view the collection up close and talk to the owner. The concept is a ‘market’ where many European designers display their labels, and the result is a mesh of diversity that cater to every woman’s style. The target audience is ladies from the age of 25 and up.

You won’t find anything passive in this boutique, every piece is unique and stands out on its own. The designs are very funky and range from denim and sweaters, to harem pants and dresses; you can also find accessories. Take a look at some snapshots from the event, and pass by Designers Market especially if you like bold signature items for your wardrobe. read more

Christmas Gift Ideas For Babies

One of the joys of the holidays is seeing little children around the Christmas tree opening up their gifts, and anyone with kids in their direct or extended family has experienced this fuzzy feeling. That being said, shopping for children can sometimes be hard, especially for those with little experience with kids. More often than not, gifts become redundant, like pink dresses for girls and blue pant suits for boys. For that reason, I compiled a list of gift ideas for babies and small children that I find functional and helpful for the winter season. read more

The Opening Of Cork Living

Cork Living opened its doors a week ago in Ashrafieh. The set up for the opening night was indoor and outdoor, with stations for cocktails and cheese tasting, and hors d’oeuvres being passed around in a chill ambiance.

Cork isn’t your average furniture store, it is a contemporary hub of European minimalist home deco. The designs are practical, functional and space saving. Scroll down to discover what this gallery is all about, and visit their website to find out more. read more