Foodie In The U.S.A.

A huge part of traveling for me is trying out local food hot-spots and blend in, as opposed to touristic dining. My tastes range from budget meals to gourmet depending on the city and its definition of the latter. On my last month-long vacation to my beloved U.S.A. where I left my heart as well as my childhood, I collected snapshots of where I ate, and voila, my food journal!

Carney’s on Sunset Boulevard in California is an old train transformed into a diner.



The Federal Bar in Long Beach with impressive classic decor. read more

Harry’s Bar

A few months back I was invited to try Harry’s Bar new carefully crafted menu in Saifi with Michelin Star Chef Alberico Penati, and it didn’t take much time to notice the professionalism in every detail. The greeting, the waiters, the service, the table set up, and of course the food. This combination is rare in even the best of restaurants in Beirut, which for me rates Harry’s Bar at the top of the fine dining list. Take a look at the presentation of the table and the food.

20150602_204900_wm read more

Opening Night Of Popolo Restaurant

Popolo, a new Italian gourmet restaurant, has opened in Beirut on the Ain El Mreisseh seaside. On the occasion of the opening night, I received a creative invitation which is this olive tree!


I attended this event with my hubby, with great company on a table full of little plants and flowers.




Dinner started with Parmigiano Reggiano, parmesan cheese with honey and balsamic dip, which is my heaven as a cheese lover.


The famous Patatine Al Tartufo, truffle potato fries are worth the hype, make sure you order these to share when you visit. read more

Deek Duke New Menu Tasting

Deek Duke introduced 15 new additions to their already awesome menu, and last Monday a few foodies were invited to try these items.


The Creamy Artichoke Spinach was one of my favorites, it could be a platter on its own, not in terms of size, but with its generous portion of cream and cheese topping, its very filling. Dip the tortilla in the mix and enjoy.


The Spice It Up and Sticky BBQ chicken wings are for spicy and sweet flavor lovers.



The Grilled Chicken Skewers are super juicy and tender, but the peanut butter dip didn’t really impress me because the flavor is passive. read more

Summer Destination: Restaurant Mounir

Restaurant Mounir serves Lebanese cuisine and is one of my summer favorites when it comes to locations suitable for family gatherings. It is situated in Beit Mery away from the noisy city, atop a mountain with fresh air and nature’s calm. It is always and without exception fully booked but the service is impeccable nonetheless. The food is always top notch in taste, freshness and portion. Its a destination for both locals and tourists alike.










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Summer Nights At Printania Garden

We all love Beirut nights, but when the weather becomes unbearably hot, a mountain escape is a no brainer. Last weekend we decided to try out the recently talked about Printania Garden in Broummana, in particular Milana restaurant for my Italian food soft spot.

The entire street was literally jam packed with cars heading to this destination, and you can hear the music blasting while walking towards the garden.


We started with the fried potato wedges, typical but good nonetheless.


Next the Four Cheese and the Genovese pizzas, which are by far the largest I have seen, and deliciously cheesy! read more

Summer Destination: Kasr Al Bouhayra

Kasr Al Bouhayra (Translated ‘castle of the lake’) is a restaurant in Zaarour, North Metn area of Lebanon. I have been spending Sundays in this place every summer since I can remember. The location is great and breezy, the view of the lake is soothing, the food is clean and tasty with many of the vegetables grown in the restaurant’s garden, and there is a playground for kids.

Below are a few of the items available at Kasr Al Bouhayra, but if you aren’t a big fan of Lebanese food (how could you not be?!) there is a newly opened occidental restaurant named O’lac on the upper floor. read more

Roadster Diner’s Black Burger

The past week’s social media craze was about Roadster Diner’s black burger. The #whygoblack campaign was intriguing because no one new what to expect; did Roadster have a specific reason for launching this burger or should we each give our own reason as to why go black? I received the coolest customized invitation, and I went there to put my skepticism as to whether a black bun can be visually appealing and appetizing to rest.

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The burger’s content is Angus beef, cheddar cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce and tomato, with a side of yummy mutant wedges with a hint of spices and cheese, and coleslaw or a side salad. I instantly found my reason as to #whygoblack, its because since I usually avoid meat and head for the chicken, and in the case of the black burger it is only served with meat, I finally took the chance and tried my first official meat burger (outside home of course). And I LOVED it! The bun wasn’t off putting live as it was in a few of the photos being shared, yes it is tender, yes the meat was juicy, yes the overall burger was spicy. All of these were checked off my list of yumminess. I hope this burger gets added to the menu ASAP! read more

Bar Tartine Launches New Menu

Bar Tartine launched a menu last night containing several new items, and a few lucky foodies including myself were invited for a private tasting.


The Kale & Quinoa Celebration is a tasty mix with a hint of vinegar. I have had quinoa before but never kale, so this combo was new to me and very tasty. I kept adding some to my plate because it is guilt free pleasure.


The Couscous Freshness, now I’m a fan of couscous and I pile it on whenever its available at salad bars. The spicy couscous here is mixed with veggies and topped with tender chicken. read more

Barbecue Night At Le Royal Hotel

During the summer, Le Royal hotel is hosting a barbecue night on Friday evening. An open buffet with seating around the pool at ‘Le Jardin’ outdoor restaurant includes salads, appetizers and barbecue. A variety of tasty desserts and fresh fruits is also available. The evening’s entertainment is a live band playing and singing soft tunes in a beautiful atmosphere.

I visited the opening night with family and friends for my sister’s birthday, we asked to upgrade the price of $55 to $65 that includes open alcohol instead of only soft drinks. read more