SUD Restaurant’s Summer Menu

Sud is a restaurant in Mar Mikhael which I frequent with my husband on certain occasions and with my friends for a girls night out. I love its location tucked away in a calm courtyard amidst the hustle and bustle of Beirut. Last weekend we were treated to a dinner at Sud to try out items from their new summer menu.





The menu’s design is simple with signature items and classic staples, which makes it easy to decide what to order without being overwhelmed by the choices. The initial setup was a bread basket and local Adon & Myrrh extra virgin olive oil with vinaigrette mixed in a saucer if that is your preference. read more

Yaduna CookOff

Yaduna is a women’s heart health center (WHHC) aiming to spread awareness and help fight the number 1 cause of death in women, which is heart disease. Most of us including myself are shocked to hear this fact, because when we think of women’s health issues, breast cancer comes to mind. Yaduna offers services for women over the age of 45 including laboratory tests and cardiological screening as well as dietetic counseling, because it is important for us to prevent heart disease since the symptoms for women are not obvious like those of men. Yesterday evening, Yaduna hosted a cookoff at Kitchen Lab in Gemmayze, where a group of bloggers got together to discuss the WHHC agenda and to cook healthy dishes under the supervision of the chef. read more

Summer Destination: Burj Al Hamam

Its not officially summer yet, but with the hot weather creeping up a bit early this year, the mountains seem like a great idea for spending weekends. One of my family’s particular favorite restaurants for this season (along with my other reviews under the ‘Summer Destination’ category) is Burj Al Hamam in Broummana. Its close enough to the coast so it doesn’t make for an ultra long road trip, and far enough so that one can smell the fresh air and the pine trees.

We visited last Sunday and it was as busy as always, the food was impeccable yet the service not so perfect at all times, we had the waiters’ attention on certain occasions then again they drifted into oblivion on others. I’m not sure if the packed place was the reason, although it shouldn’t be an excuse, but the dishes’ taste wasn’t compromised. Take a look at the mouth-watering items we ordered, such as Hommos, Fattoush, Ftayer, Tabboule, Labne Bi Toum, Rkakat, Batata Bi Kezbara, Samak Bezre, Mkanek, Shanklish, Fries, Batata Harra, Kebbe and Mashewe. read more

The New Junkyard


The new Junkyard opened its doors to a new concept of street food that will be available all throughout the summer. The idea is that instead of the traditional dining experience where the waiter approaches you and takes the order, you get to walk to the buses scattered around the place to choose your dish. The main outdoor space is basically a big fluid bar in the yard with tables on varying floor levels. When we arrived we got our coupons that can be exchanged for food, with a bracelet for ordering our drinks. read more

Restaurant Review: Liza

Liza restaurant has been making quite the hype for some time now, and for one of our date nights, my husband decided we give it a try. The location in Ashrafieh isn’t so easy to find, and the only sign is the one below, as the restaurant is hiding behind concrete walls within a courtyard.


The entrance lighting is dim and harmonious with the ambiance of the restaurant.



The interior is a stunning cross between Lebanese heritage architecture and arabesque visual design.



The experience is very romantic, a quality that lacks in most Lebanese restaurants, the music and conversation is almost a lull. read more

Touch Lebanon Celebrates Mothers

On Thursday, Touch Lebanon celebrated Touch mothers and media moms at the Regency Palace Hotel, with a lunch and the Fady Reaidy comedy show.


Mrs. Marlene Boutros Harb gave a speech about motherhood and the whole audience including me were very inspired. She followed by passing by all the tables and saluting us moms.


Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photos of the comedy show, but it was around 2 hours of humor while enjoying our food in an all women gathering.




Thank you Touch for this Mother’s Day in a very empowering setting and for reminding us once again how we contribute to society, perhaps we sometimes forget but on this one day a year we are celebrated! read more

Restaurant Review: The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory opened its doors in Verdun, Lebanon a month ago after a long wait, and many fans of this chain restaurant including myself were super excited. The 2 floor structure with indoor and outdoor seating boasts the classic Cheesecake factory decor with dim lighting and signature cheesecakes on display.

No reservations can be made in advance, so the night I visited with friends, although quite late in the evening, we had to wait a good 45 minutes before being seated, which is expected a couple of days after the official opening. read more

Opening Of Sapa Beirut

Sapa is a Peruvian restaurant and bar that opened its doors a few days ago in Ashrafieh, by the creators of Cinco lounge. On its pre-opening night, and to introduce us to the cuisine, a buffet table was set up with many types of bites, and specialty drinks were served among them was the Pisco from Peru. I must say that I had assumed Peruvian food would be different, but my preconception was fixed when I saw the neatly set table with delicate wraps of veggies, cheese, and seafood. The burgers were my favorite though, they made me forget my aversion to meat! I would recommend Sapa for a date night or for a small group, go ahead and enjoy the many music genres played by the DJ, the dim lighting and romantic ambiance, the special drinks and unique food! read more

Opening Of Jap Restaurant

Two days ago, a new destination for Japanese food lovers opened its doors at UBay complex in Jounieh, right above Table Fine. I was impressed to say the least, with the beautiful decor of the restaurant and the presentation of the dishes for that night’s dinner. Although I am not a fan of sushi and I cannot give you an honest review, BUT the items I did taste were good, and there was quite a buzz about how yummy the dinner was!













20151125_214830_wm read more

Opening Of The Village

Last week the opening of The Village in Dbayeh took place. If you are like me and pass by the construction site frequently, then you are also curious as to what exactly the end result would be.

The Village is a series of restaurants and pubs centered around a courtyard with a mosaic tiled water body. It may not be a typical Lebanese village, but it is more reminiscent of an Italian or Spanish heritage. That being said, the quaintness of the space, with its close knit restaurants without clear borders, along with mixed indoor and outdoor seating, makes it a welcome getaway within the fast growing suburban area of Dbayeh. read more