The Free Nail Whitening Hack

I have always had an issue with my nails. I started applying nail polish 10 to 15 years ago and have done so religiously on a weekly basis. I do my best to apply a good base coat to protect my nails but somehow they seemed to turn yellow after each polish application and removal. My panic increased with each time, I knew I had to let my nails breathe but I would be so embarrassed by their yellowish tint that I’d apply another color to hide the shame, and so the vicious cycle continued. Any regular manicured gal will agree that this is the worst situation! I tried so many products, cosmetic and pharmaceutical; they can be quite pricey but to no avail. They only give the illusion of whiter nails but do little to fix the problem. read more

SebaMed 5.5

May 5 (5/5) is the celebration day for SebaMed, a German manufactured medical skincare line, because that day correlates to the pH value 5.5 of our skin. This brand ensures that its products are a pH 5.5 to help maintain healthy skin. To make this day special and to spread awareness of a healthy lifestyle, I was invited to spend a day of pampering with access to the gym and fitness classes at the Hilton hotel. It started out with an hour’s massage session with Dr. Burgener products, followed by a relaxing afternoon at the spa. read more

My Easy Summer Beauty Routine

When it comes to a daily beauty routine, mine is very simple. No over the top products and definitely no makeup, so i count on the simplest products to give a natural glow for my skin and hair.


I always moisturize my skin all year round, but for the summer in particular, I use Vaseline ‘cocoa glow’ because it indeed gives a bronze glow with a scent that makes you feel like you’re on the beach.

When it comes to my morning facial routine, I am always in search of the product that suits my sensitive skin the most, and this time I am using The Body Shop organic ‘Nutriganic’ face and eye cream. Although it is not an anti-aging cream, its an all natural moisturizer that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. read more

A Ritual For Soft Hands

Who among us doesn’t suffer from dry flaky skin during the winter? It truly is a dilemma when the harsh cold weather strips the moisture from our skin, causing damage. Our hands in particular are constantly exposed, and if you want something a bit more efficient than lotion, give the following a try.

Last night I thought of pampering my hands in a little scrub I made up. Now I’m sure this exists somewhere and it isn’t an invention, but here’s what I did.

1. I got a plastic bowl and filled it up with hot tap water. read more

Makeup Is Overrated

In a world where too much importance is placed on outer shells, we tend to forget to embrace our own God-given beauty. Cosmetics is a booming billion dollar industry that won’t stop short of making girls feel bad about themselves and their looks to sell their products. How? By making us feel that we need to buy products so we look like the girls in the magazines, who incidentally don’t even look like that before the photo editing. While the occasional makeup is nice when we have an event to attend, it shouldn’t be what makes us feel better or pretty. There is nothing like natural beauty, why hide behind layers of foundation? Let’s allow our skin to breathe. Why apply mascara and eyeliner while our eyes can be just as charming? Why the lipliner and lipstick to reshape and increase the volume of our lips, when the way they are is harmonious for our face? read more

Home Remedy For Chapped Lips

Most of us suffer from chapped lips during the winter, but a lot aren’t immune to this even in the summer. Chapped lips are caused by weather conditions (cold or hot), an allergy, smoking, licking lips, dehydration or even vitamin deficiency. The end result is dry, flaky, and itchy lips. Don’t fret; there is a natural cure you can try at home.

The following technique will exfoliate the dead cells on your lips and will allow them to be soft. You will need 2 ingredients, sugar and honey.

1. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 2 teaspoons of sugar until they become a paste. read more

D.I.Y. Body Scrub

If you don’t have a store bought body scrub, or simply want to try a natural one using household ingredients, it is easier than you think.

What you need is the following:

1 ripe banana

3 tablespoons granulated sugar

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix the ingredients in a bowl with a fork, but don’t allow them to lose the thick texture. Pat the mix all over your body in the shower, then rinse with warm water.

The sugar scrubs dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin, and the vitamins in the banana help maintain the skin’s elasticity. Give this scrub a try and let me know what you think! read more

How To Avoid Stretch Marks

If you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant one day, or if you tend to gain and lose weight a lot, read on for my tried and tested tip to avoid stretch marks.

Stretch marks happen when the skin is expanding but is too dry and loses its elasticity. Some types of skin are more prone than others to develop them, and once they happen it is near impossible to fix them. I was fully aware of this when I began my pregnant journey. I don’t exactly remember where I heard that almond oil is more efficient than any type of cream, so I went ahead and bought a bottle from the pharmacy. I had previously tried it for a short period of time when I was on my pre-wedding diet. read more

Cheap and Effective Wrinkle Care

Its never too early to start worrying about wrinkles, and although its a natural result of aging, it doesn’t mean we can’t try to keep them at bay. One of the causes of wrinkles is dry skin, and as the skin ages, it loses its ability to retain moisture. By keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated, you can slow down the process. The trick is petroleum jelly, namely Vaseline. This household product can replace hundred dollar creams and is just as effective. Try spreading a thin layer under and around your eyes at night before sleep, it locks in the moisture, and if you already have some wrinkles it can puff and smooth them out. Be careful not to put too much as it might cause acne and breakouts depending on your type of skin. Jennifer Aniston uses this under her eyes, and Marilyn Monroe on her face, to name just a few celebrities. I haven’t tried it on my face though so I can’t recommend it, I just ran into my bathroom to try it as I am writing this post but one time doesn’t qualify for a review, but under my eyes is a routine I started following religiously. Give it a try tonight! read more

Pores and Blackheads Removal

Its annoying how sunlight can expose the flaws you’ve been hiding all winter. Every hair, every pore, and the list goes on. One of the natural techniques I am incorporating into my beauty routine right now, is facial cleansing and removal of blackheads.

1. Rub a coin size of olive oil on your face, focus on the nose and forehead or any spot that has blackheads. Massage for 1 minute.

2. Wet a cloth with hot water, and press it on your face for a few seconds until the heat subsides.

3. Rinse the cloth and wet it again with hot water and rub your face gently to remove the olive oil. read more