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  • DIY French Tip Nails

    DIY French Tip Nails

    French tip nails are not impossible to do at home, and they are easier than they seem. On Sunday morning while chilling at home, I decided to give it a try. I have done this type of manicure before on my own but never with the Sally Hansen kit I had bought in the summer. […]

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  • My Nail Polish Picks

    My Nail Polish Picks

    The nail polish brand I’m obsessed with this season is Sally Hansen. Out of all the brands I find this one to have the most calm colors. Their shades are not too in your face, but more discretely charming. Take a look at my newest collection, along with the french manicure kit I thought I ...

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  • Salon Nails at Home

    Salon Nails at Home

    Why is it that when we get our nails done at the salon, they last for a week, but when we do them at home they chip within a couple of days? The secret isn’t the nail polish brand or quality. Its the top coat. If you are anything like me and have a busy […]

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  • Spring 2014 Nail Trends

    Spring 2014 Nail Trends

    The color palettes for Spring nails are an extreme of color versus nude, yet none of which aren’t daring. I have compiled the latest trends in nail color from the runways, and organized them into 5 main categories for you to be inspired and choose from. Lets start with the color blue, the ...

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