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  • Cold Weather Shower Tip

    Cold Weather Shower Tip

    In the cold weather we are all tempted to soak in a long hot bath or shower, but that is not a good idea for many reasons among which are the following: First, the heat breaks down the skin lipid barriers which help the skin stay moisturized, making it dry and flaky. Second, it causes […]

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  • Pamper Your Feet

    Pamper Your Feet

    As summer approaches, so does the hot weather, implying sandal season. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for a woman’s feet to be properly cared for. I see cracked soles and dry toes so many times, its unattractive and gives off a vibe of someone who isn’t too keen on ...

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  • Custom Bubble Bath

    Custom Bubble Bath

    Do you ever get the feeling of being drained with a hint of a headache after a long week of work? Well I was there last Friday night and I scanned my room for items I could put together for what I figured would be a solution. Yep, I’m talking about a bubble bath. Since […]

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