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  • Quick Night-Time Makeup

    Quick Night-Time Makeup

    For those of you who are too busy to get into an elaborate makeup routine for a night out, you can fake one in minimal time and with an easy technique. I had an event to attend recently, and being in a hurry as always, I snuck in a few minutes in between taking care […]

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  • Sephora Color Festival

    Sephora Color Festival

    I’ve always wanted a complete makeup kit like the ones my mother had while I was growing up. Unfortunately they are a rare find, and if I do come across a few, they are either of horrible quality or over priced. This year when I traveled to the USA I made my regular stop at […]

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  • The Face Of Samoa

    The Face Of Samoa

    Samoa cosmetics held ‘The Face of SAMOA’  launching campaign party to present us with their new products and the latest innovative contouring techniques. Several Samoa makeup artists were available to show us the summer colors to acheive a bold result for the sake of the ...

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  • My Wedding Lipstick

    My Wedding Lipstick

    Call me emotional, but I like to keep little reminders of important times in my life. And for that reason, on my wedding day, after I had finished with my make up appointment, I asked to purchase a brand new lip liner and lipstick in the same color that the beautician used on my lips. […]

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  • Five Minute Makeup

    Five Minute Makeup

    Hello friends, I would like to share with you my uber fast makeup technique. It literally takes five minutes, so on the nights you are in a hurry but are in need of a little touch up, read on. This is a step by step guide on how and what to use to achieve a […]

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  • Long Lasting Lipstick

    Long Lasting Lipstick

    How many of you have had the problem of applying lipstick, then all too soon it fades? I have a trick I want to share with you on how to make your lipstick stay on longer. 1st, fill your lips with lip liner, preferably the same shade as your lipstick. 2nd, apply lipstick on your […]

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