Long Lasting Lipstick

How many of you have had the problem of applying lipstick, then all too soon it fades? I have a trick I want to share with you on how to make your lipstick stay on longer.

1st, fill your lips with lip liner, preferably the same shade as your lipstick.

2nd, apply lipstick on your lips.

3rd, blot with a napkin.

4th, apply powder on your lips.

5th, reapply lipstick.

And voila, you should be good to go…and last!

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Product Review: Oil Replacement Therapy

I’m quite an addict when to comes to hair products; having curly hair and wanting to tame it drives me to try almost every product I can get my hands on. Today I will face off Pantene and Dove Oil Replacement therapy.


Pantene was a miracle worker for me when it was first released. It helped relax my curls into waves, not to mention its glorious scent. However what would bother me was the texture which was way too sticky on my hands, even after I’d wash them I would still feel the product. When washing my hair, it would be sticky after the first rinse off, which means the hair didn’t absorb it, but merely was coated by it, so technically it wasn’t ‘therapy’. This oil replacement product was my go to choice until I recently tried Dove for the same hair care series. Funny thing is, when i reached for it on the supermarket aisle, I actually thought it was Pantene! To my luck when I got home, it turned out to be Dove. The scent isn’t as delish as Pantene, but the results are equal if not greater. What I prefer about this product is that it isn’t sticky, you can easily distribute it over your hair without the risk of it being more dense on some parts and barely there on others. Your hands come out clean and so does your hair when you wash it afterwards. read more

Spring 2014 Nail Trends

The color palettes for Spring nails are an extreme of color versus nude, yet none of which aren’t daring. I have compiled the latest trends in nail color from the runways, and organized them into 5 main categories for you to be inspired and choose from.

Lets start with the color blue, the trend ranges anywhere from baby blue to midnight blue and everything in between. The lighter shades are very feminine and are easy to pull off, however the darker shades similar to the ones trending this past fall are quite bold, if you like to deliver a shock factor they will work for you. read more

Puffy Eye D.I.Y.

One of the disadvantages of our modern life is the lack of the luxury known as time. We cram so much into a day, that us women don’t even get our necessary beauty sleep. One of the results? Uh huh, puffy eyes. These 2 do it yourself fixes are quick and easy, try one or both to reduce tiredness around the eyes.

Tea bags:

Place 2 tea bags in warm water, then put in the fridge for a few minutes. Then place the bags on each of your eyes for approximately 5 minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh.

Cucumbers: read more

Shiny Hair Secret

What if I told you that the secret to healthy shiny hair is in your kitchen cabinet?


Yep, olive oil and honey make for a perfect combination for your hair, be it frizzy, dull, rough, or even if it has dandruff and split ends. Olive oil has a fatty acid that coats each hair and protects it from being damaged with the use of hair dryers, flat or curling irons, and helps it look shiny. Honey is a conditioner and keeps the scalp healthy.

Try this Do-It-Yourself hair mask (I do it from time to time and it works wonders) from the comfort of your own home. read more

Midday Makeup

I’m not a big fan of makeup during the day, especially in the sunlight where every little detail is exaggerated. Eyeliner smudges, contouring is too defined and foundation is thick and heavy. However, I had a lunch at the country club’s outdoor terrace yesterday, and wanting to bring my best face forward, I opted for fresh, light makeup, neither over doing it nor going au naturel.


To achieve this look I used the following:

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector – Light for my skin tone, also available in dark. read more