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  • Quick Night-Time Makeup

    Quick Night-Time Makeup

    For those of you who are too busy to get into an elaborate makeup routine for a night out, you can fake one in minimal time and with an easy technique. I had an event to attend recently, and being in a hurry as always, I snuck in a few minutes in between taking care […]

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  • Joue Club's New Branch

    Joue Club’s New Branch

    A couple of weeks ago Joue Club opened in Le Mall Sin El Fil. For those who aren’t familiar with the store, it is a kid’s heaven, including all sorts of games for all ages. I was happy to attend especially that it was an event I could take my daughter to, so it was […]

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  • Weekends Are Weekdays

    Weekends Are Weekdays

    In the mom realm, style becomes practical and minimalist. A midweek home/work/home routine is all too similar to weekend going out events. My typical weekly routine is so fast paced and starts very early, that returning home at the end of the day sees me wither away into a hot mess. What ...

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  • My Weekend Mom Style

    My Weekend Mom Style

    Any mom can tell you that simplicity and function trump style every time. This is especially true when we are out with our children and the last thing on our mind is over the top fashion. However this does not mean looking frumpy, it means that we change the way we dress according to ...

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  • Style After A Baby

    Style After A Baby

    Yesterday was my daughter’s 1st birthday. I am writing a personal post to tell you about my journey relating fashion to motherhood. Pregnancy and childbirth are joyous but draining experiences. They leave you with a bundle of mixed emotions. Freedom and sleep seem a distant memory yet you ...

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  • Boho Casual

    Boho Casual

    You don’t need to say the word ‘vacation’ in front of me twice to get me to bring out my colorful wardrobe items. Two days ago was Labor Day, and as a working girl myself, a midweek day off meant I could spend time with my hubby and baby out in the sun. Destination Zaitunay ...

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