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  • Effortless Formal Style

    Effortless Formal Style

    We all have social or religious obligations that require a formal dress code, and when we can’t figure out what to wear, we can attend without going out of our style comfort zone, by being as simple as possible. That was the case for me this past Palm Sunday, where most ladies will be ...

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  • Androgyny


    This is a story about a shirt I almost didn’t buy. I was recently shopping at one of my favorite casual stores in the States when I saw this pinstripe blouse. It struck me as a bit masculine, and the fact that I have numerous blouses already that I don’t wear, made me put it […]

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  • The Shoes I Wore For 1 Week Straight

    The Shoes I Wore For 1 Week Straight

    I had recently purchased a pair of Skechers ‘On-The-Go’ from the States, and although I was about to walk out the store without them, I had hunch telling me to buy them and I’m glad I did.  I boast quite a large collection of shoes, especially sneakers, so I usually wear a ...

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  • The Overlooked Staple

    The Overlooked Staple

    One of my favorite items in my closet is the polo shirt. I can never have enough, and I am constantly buying new colors and fits. This shirt is a classic, never goes out of style, and adds a country club chic to a pair of jeans or slacks. The breathable cotton makes it a […]

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  • How to Style a Sports Shirt

    How to Style a Sports Shirt

    Today I want to share with you some tips on how to style a sports shirt. I recently had a dinner to attend at a new restaurant, and not knowing the ambiance of the place, I didn’t want to go too overboard with my style. I opted for a loose sports shirt and played it […]

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  • Red Rules

    Red Rules

    You think you can’t pull off wearing red? Well think again. Its only a matter of choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone. To illustrate this, I put some red paint on my palette, along with blue and yellow paint on each side.   If you have pale, light skin, then you […]

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  • Shady Business

    Shady Business

    When buying new sunglasses, choosing the right frame is not always an easy task. Not every trend suits everyone, so check out my sketch of four face shapes with their preferable shades as a guideline. If you notice, each frame complements the corresponding face instead of creating edges outside ...

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