Summer Breeze

Whenever I have a long road trip I always make sure to put my comfort first. Check out yesterday’s style, it did the trick for me without compromising femininity.








Top: Tommy Hilfiger

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger Denim

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Bag: Burberry

Necklace: Swarovski

Watch: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Lauren Love

Addiction is too gentle an expression to describe my love affair with Ralph Lauren, and for my weekend outfit, I decided to combine select items for a head to toe R.L. all American vibe. Wrap plaid top on denim with white sneakers and leather laces create an effortlessly stylish look.








Top: Lauren Jeans Co.

Jeans: Polo by Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren

Necklace and Ring: Swarovski

Watch: DKNY

In Search Of THE Beach Bag

I have a summer dilemma.

It has been over 2 years now that I am searching for a proper beach bag. I have a list of criteria and I won’t settle for anything less. Take them into consideration if you are also browsing for one.

1. Transparent bags may be a big thing now, but it is not practical or safe to have all your personal belongings on display.

Pink transparent

2. Another trend that is still here this summer is the open bag with no zipper, this type of bag is boxy, proportional and easy on the eyes, but I refuse to be duped into buying it. Again, privacy please. read more

Designer Crush: Mary Katrantzou

I am all about new talents, and every once in a while I will share with you up and coming designers who catch my attention. My current designer crush is the young Grecian Mary Katrantzou. Her background in architecture, textile design and fashion design influence her creations, and the woman’s body becomes Mary’s canvas. Her designs are structured art. They are nature, they are inanimate objects. They are rhythmic patterns. Most importantly they are fresh. Take a look at some of her work. read more

Moschino McDonald’s Fashion Line

Its been a few months since Moschino launched their McDonald’s fashion line. It was instantly all over blogs and social media, and we saw it on the streets.

But did anyone ever take the time to notice how ridiculous this collection is? Its a mockery of fashion and of fast food chains and their employees, and in no way is it pop art. Have we become so brain-washed by the media that we automatically accept the trends being shoved down our throats? I am not even gonna pretend that Moschino’s idea is in the least bit creative or smart. It is a heinous collection. I mean seriously, walking around in a McDonald’s logo dress, handbag and french fries cell phone case? Which by the way retail abroad for around $935, $1265 and $85 respectively. Are you willing to shell out that much for something that isn’t a classic item? Out of the population, how many of the women (or men) are into fashion? And how many of those are avid trend followers? You get my point, and the other side of the demographic chart will probably mock what they see. Moschino might as well have used the Michelin man since its apparently an M thing. read more

I’m A Gipsy

One of the trends that I feel comfortable wearing is the boho-chic. I rummaged through my closet to mix pieces together to create this look. I had randomly bought a maxi floral skirt a while ago, and I chose to pair it with a t-shirt I have had for a few years that I never wear but I can’t seem to get rid of. Its loose fit and neutral color toned down the patterned skirt. I accessorized my outfit with a lace headband, dangle earrings (from my trip to Damascus about 10 years ago), a chunky beady necklace, a mix of bracelets and bangles, and rings. As you can see, I mixed and matched my accessories, some old some new, and a mix of bronze with silver to perfect the eclectic bohemian style. read more

Is This Taking A Trend Too Far?

Fashion designers present us with their collections each season. After the hype and media coverage is over, it’s up to us to decide what trend to adopt and what to ignore, though we may choose to totally disregard what is being shoved down our throat and stick to our own personal style.

When we see couture gowns, we know we may never get the chance to wear them; when we see creative out of this world designs, we most certainly won’t wear them unless we are stage actors. However a recent trend has been taking Hollywood by storm, and to me, it’s disgusting. It is the exposure of undergarments, and even nudity. read more

Vintage Inspired Dress

The simplest and easiest form of chic comes in a black dress. However for a wedding I attended last Saturday, I chose to go bold in red.  While shopping for this occasion, I chose the shade of red that best compliments my natural coloring. I had recently posted a guide for doing this and in case you missed it, here is the link.

There is a certain elegance in a fully covered bust and a knee length dress, and to me modesty is feminine. I chose a vintage inspired dress with a golden belt at the waist, I played it up with subtle accessories. I let my hair down in loose waves to mirror the fluidity of the dress. I purposely mismatched black pumps with a beige handbag to break a needless fashion rule. Same applies to my nails, I went red for my toes and french tips for my hands. I also matched diamonds with ruby, white gold, and yellow gold. All these differences blended together to create my look. read more

Prom In Style

Ah prom. The most important part of the long journey that is school or university. So much pressure is placed on one event, the hair, the makeup, the shoes, the date. But most importantly THE dress. Fortunately for students in this day and age, there is a lack of need to conform to fixed style rules. So when you are shopping for your prom dress, style it with your own special touch.

These are the trends for prom 2014.

Lace has been in for quite a few seasons, and no surprise, its still going strong. However if you choose to go for a lace dress, don’t go overboard with full embroidery to avoid deja vu, choose the embellishment on a specific part of the dress. read more

Break This Fashion Rule NOW

Coco Chanel once said something along the lines of: Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.


While this was true before, it is the fashion rule you MUST overlook this season. The trending looks are all about stacking accessories to complete an outfit or dress up a basic tee. If you haven’t tried it before, you might feel a little self conscious, so start modestly and add one piece everyday until you feel like you own it. Remember to mix styles and sizes of the accessories. When it comes to necklaces, play with the lengths, choose a short or long pendant with a statement piece. With rings, wear one or more on each finger. As for bracelets, mix bangles with cuffs, hard metal with beads, and you will create an edgy look. Look at these pictures for inspiration, and go ahead, be creative! read more