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  • H&M Flagship Store

    H&M Flagship Store

    H&M opened its flagship store in Verdun last week, with versatile styles in a large scale 2 floor setup. One of the collections that caught my eye was the bohemian style which I can relate to, as I love the 60s and 70s era with fringes, loose fits, and earthy feminine dresses with chunky ...

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  • Odd By AJ

    Odd By AJ

    Summer Fashion Week was held at the Saint George Hotel & Yacht Club in Beirut, and I attended one of the shows by fashion designer Aya Jallad. This was the launch of the first line of her ready to wear brand ‘Odd By AJ’ under the name of ‘Healed’. The show’s ...

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  • BHV Summer Trend

    BHV Summer Trend

    The BHV Summer Trend event was held a couple of weeks ago to discover the store’s new Spring/Summer collection. BHV is home to various brands, and no matter what your style is, you can always find something to suit you. A few bloggers and fashion influencers including myself were invited ...

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  • Phoenicia Hotel x Tony Ward

    Phoenicia Hotel x Tony Ward

    Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut teamed up with fashion designer Tony Ward to create a limited edition lunch menu at Eau De Vie restaurant. I was invited to attend the launch of this venture between gastronomy and fashion, which started with a press conference held by Tony Ward, followed by a ...

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  • Gingham For This Spring

    Gingham For This Spring

    One of the trends that is dominating the runway for this Spring season is gingham. We are all familiar with this type of fabric and pattern, mainly the common inexpensive tablecloth. This season it is no longer for the kitchen and restaurant, but has entered the fashion world. If you spot this ...

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  • Fashion At The American Music Awards

    Fashion At The American Music Awards

    The 42nd American Music Awards were held on November 23, 2014. Like all award shows, the walk down the red carpet is anticipated by fashion lovers to see what the celebrities are wearing. Although I am critical by nature, I do respect each person’s style, so instead of naming my post ...

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  • Night To Day Outfit

    Night To Day Outfit

    You know how some day time outfits require some adjustment to be transformed into night time appropriate? You must either change your shoes, add or remove accessories, and so on and so forth. Summer makes all that easier, and most importantly color is accepted during the night. I had no trouble ...

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  • My August Essential

    My August Essential

    Hello August! You are a bittersweet month full of Summer promises yet Autumn is not too far away. You might think that this flaming hot month requires a lot of bare skin to keep cool, I believe the opposite. This August, get your hands on a colorful maxi skirt to play up your wardrobe. It […]

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  • Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze

    Whenever I have a long road trip I always make sure to put my comfort first. Check out yesterday’s style, it did the trick for me without compromising femininity. Top: Tommy Hilfiger Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger Denim Shoes: Sam Edelman Bag: Burberry Necklace: Swarovski Watch: Michael Kors ...

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