Weekends Are Weekdays

In the mom realm, style becomes practical and minimalist. A midweek home/work/home routine is all too similar to weekend going out events.

My typical weekly routine is so fast paced and starts very early, that returning home at the end of the day sees me wither away into a hot mess.

What differs from weekday to weekend?


Weekends also require major dressing down, its a sacrifice moms make to be able to run around their little children to ensure they are the ones having the most fun, whether at malls, birthdays, picnics and other activities. read more

Odd By AJ

Summer Fashion Week was held at the Saint George Hotel & Yacht Club in Beirut, and I attended one of the shows by fashion designer Aya Jallad. This was the launch of the first line of her ready to wear brand ‘Odd By AJ’ under the name of ‘Healed’. The show’s opening words were very touching, as we learned that Aya suffers from a chronic disease, and despite this she didn’t give up on her dream to become a fashion designer and launch her line. Two thumbs up to Aya’s inspirational story, and to her funky asymmetrical designs. read more

BHV Summer Trend

The BHV Summer Trend event was held a couple of weeks ago to discover the store’s new Spring/Summer collection. BHV is home to various brands, and no matter what your style is, you can always find something to suit you. A few bloggers and fashion influencers including myself were invited to this event, the concept was a draw where each of us selects a mystery scenario, and upon finding it out, we have to raid the entire BHV fashion section to style an outfit from head to toe and wear it ourselves as models. This is by far the most fun I’ve had at an event, I hope the photos reflect that! read more

Phoenicia Hotel x Tony Ward

Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut teamed up with fashion designer Tony Ward to create a limited edition lunch menu at Eau De Vie restaurant. I was invited to attend the launch of this venture between gastronomy and fashion, which started with a press conference held by Tony Ward, followed by a reception cocktail and a seated menu. The theme was ‘Abstract Rose’, can you detect it? Take a look at the signature drinks and dishes presented, note that this special menu will be available at Eau De Vie throughout this year. read more

Effortless Formal Style

We all have social or religious obligations that require a formal dress code, and when we can’t figure out what to wear, we can attend without going out of our style comfort zone, by being as simple as possible. That was the case for me this past Palm Sunday, where most ladies will be wearing dresses and skirts, I personally am not a big fan of this and for practical reasons I avoid it. What I chose to put together for that event is something easy to recreate with items in your closet, and can be worn to any casual or formal daytime event. I decided to pair beige pants with a loose shirt and classic loafers and a leather bag, together they are polished and feminine. Remember that it is always better to wear what suits you and isn’t a hassle to maintain throughout the day, if you are bothered by your outfit, it will be reflected in your behavior, so it is always better to be understated than over the top! read more


This is a story about a shirt I almost didn’t buy.

I was recently shopping at one of my favorite casual stores in the States when I saw this pinstripe blouse. It struck me as a bit masculine, and the fact that I have numerous blouses already that I don’t wear, made me put it aside. The thing with button shirts is that most of the times they are formal, tight fitting, and not at all comfy. A little encouragement from my hubby made me try it on and still didn’t like it, but I thought I might as well buy it because of the smooth fabric. read more

Gingham For This Spring

One of the trends that is dominating the runway for this Spring season is gingham. We are all familiar with this type of fabric and pattern, mainly the common inexpensive tablecloth. This season it is no longer for the kitchen and restaurant, but has entered the fashion world. If you spot this pattern while shopping, don’t be alarmed, go ahead and pick it up for a trendy fresh look!




My Weekend Mom Style

Any mom can tell you that simplicity and function trump style every time. This is especially true when we are out with our children and the last thing on our mind is over the top fashion. However this does not mean looking frumpy, it means that we change the way we dress according to practicality.

Below is an example of a typical outfit of mine when I am with my daughter for weekend lunches, dinners, and general mall or outdoor activity. I am usually in denim as I can crouch, sit, lay on the floor and pretty much do anything without worrying about stains and dirt. I choose cotton tops over any other fabric as is it comfy, goes well with any body type, and doesn’t restrict movement. My advice is, make sure you wear tops that are below your hip line to avoid awkward exposure when running around after your little one. I am always in sneakers especially those i can slip on and off in a few seconds. Remember to choose thick soles for hours of foot comfort. When it comes to accessories I go minimal, a simple leather watch and a pendant. read more

This Holiday Season, Why Not Under-Dress?

A lot of magazine and social media focus for women around the holidays is what to wear, and most of the time it is an over the top outfit.

So they tell you to wear a fancy dress or sequined skirt?¬†Well I’m here to say, go against that trend.

There is really no sense in buying holiday outfits unless you are under 10 years old. In doing so, you would only be buying an item that will go on sale in about a week, and that you will probably never wear again. Instead of that, why not mix and match from your own closet? Is there an item you have purchased and never worn? Do you have a go to pair of pants that are really flattering? Combine those items and add your own holiday twist to them. Consider a broche or a vintage necklace, play things up with your makeup, wear some heels to a simple outfit or in my case (I loathe heels) ballet flats. read more

Tag A Friend Who Would Wear Air Max

That phrase is my newest pet peeve. Yes, tagging our friends who would dare to wear this unattainable pair of Nike is the newest thing on Instagram.


Almost everywhere on social media I see photos of girls wearing these sneakers, which is alright, except when everyone starts idolizing them. Am I missing something? Since when is it an achievement when we buy running shoes, that we must rub it in everyone’s face? And how they have become so over rated that they are being worn with dresses and skirts is something I cannot understand. They are pretty shoes, I wouldn’t mind owning a pair, just like I own other sneakers, but I would never flaunt them the way I see others do. read more