Paris Fashion Week 101

Life is all about making things happen, and for me, one of the things I had always wanted to tick off my bucket list was Couture Week. Not only as a blogger (4 years and counting), but for the child in me who used to look wide eyed at magazine spreads, watching Fashion TV, wondering what it was like to live that glamorous experience. I had shoved it aside because Fashion Week invitations are only for celebrities, magazine editors, fashion buyers and the likes, and it isn’t an event you can buy tickets to attend, but a highly coveted personal invitation must be in your possession. read more

Copy Paste Paste Paste

An eternal pet peeve of mine is the lack of individuality in our part of the world. People are always afraid of other people judging them, so they do whatever it takes to please said people. My question to you is, why not please yourselves? I can’t even fathom why some girls feel obligated to follow fashion rules to be considered fashionistas, what an abused adjective that turned out to be.

When it comes to fashion, everyone is so busy following the latest trends and getting sucked into the “must haves” of each season, that they forget that once they walk out the door, every other person will be wearing the exact outfit. Whatever happened to panicking when girls saw someone else wearing the same dress, is it so last century? My eyes hurt from the sea of light blue blouses that are either dresses, off the shoulder tops, or can be tied at the waist. And so on and so forth every season with a different trend that becomes so overdone and over-worn. read more


I got to thinking why style these days has become so effortless, can you even remember when we used to color coordinate our outfit, making sure the fabric was harmonious, and our total look made sense and was polished? I have never been one to follow fashion rules, so this new era for me screams individuality and experimentation.

Have you ever combined silk with cotton, or a maxi skirt with sneakers, crystal jewels with bronze accessories? Follow your intuition when you dress up and scroll down to discover how I managed to combine offbeat items to create an eclectic bohemian outfit. read more

Personal Style Above All

When I got the invitation for the annual company (which I work for) lunch, I was at a total loss as to what to wear (because a daytime affair rarely calls for glam), an issue that rarely happens with me because I am quick to decide on my outfit. However I was torn between wearing a satin blouse and maxi skirt with heels or go for my staple comfortable style. If I choose the former I would be sure to make a statement that differs from my usual jeans and sneakers everyday office wear, but I would be miserable holding up my skirt so I won’t trip on it, and wobbling like a duck in heels. My other option would definitely put me at ease regardless of what the masses would be choosing as outfits. I finally decided that I would up my casual game just enough for it to be appropriate without being under dressed. I switched my sneakers to ballet flats and my everyday bag for a more formal one. read more

How I Got Over My Fear Of Patterns

My closet is full of colorful clothes, they give off positive vibes and can pick me up when I’m feeling blue. I experiment as much as I can with my style, but I have always been self conscious when it comes to patterns. It was a combination between a fear of looking like I’m a circus act, and being curvy meaning anything that wasn’t solid on vertical stripes would make me appear twice my size. When I would feel like dressing up in long floral bohemian skirts, I had the tendency to wear a solid colored top, preferably a sober color. But becauseĀ I’ve never been one to follow fashion and trends (as a matter of fact I tend to avoid them like the plague) I recently ditched the fear and the what ifs and started to mix and match the most unlikely tops and bottoms, and for a strange reason they worked. I ended up combining the weirdest items that I already owned with new crazy buys and got rid of my pattern phobia. These are some of the outfits I wore, and I interchanged them to create my personal street style. Now this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, in fact some might even find this too out of the way, but my advice is, whatever you wear, own it. Don’t imitate someone else’s style. You can let it inspire you to take fashion risks but if you aren’t true to what you feel most comfortable in, it will be a style disaster. read more

Quick Night-Time Makeup

For those of you who are too busy to get into an elaborate makeup routine for a night out, you can fake one in minimal time and with an easy technique. I had an event to attend recently, and being in a hurry as always, I snuck in a few minutes in between taking care of the kids to get all made up. I’m gonna show you what products I used, you don’t need the exact ones, but choose shades that will blend together and suit your skin tone regardless of what color you are wearing; I find earth tones to be the most flattering. read more

H&M Flagship Store

H&M opened its flagship store in Verdun last week, with versatile styles in a large scale 2 floor setup.



One of the collections that caught my eye was the bohemian style which I can relate to, as I love the 60s and 70s era with fringes, loose fits, and earthy feminine dresses with chunky accessories.


Also available is what I call the lumberjack shirt which I’m also a huge fan of, and pairs well with boyfriend jeans.





There is also a holiday section just in time for Christmas, with comfy sweaters and pjs for him and her. read more

Grand Opening Of The Men’s Department At ABC

Last night, the men’s department at ABC Ashrafieh relaunched with a new decor and vibe. The grand opening was dubbed ‘Manly Yours’, as the whole floor was transformed into a series of chic mini boutiques and bars serving cocktails with music blasting through the speakers. As I walked through this temporary venue reminiscent of nightlife in Beirut, I noticed some major changes from the previous men’s department. The set up for each brand reminded me of giant Manhattan department stores, the library and cafe adjacent are almost integrated with the shops, there is a new barber shop open within this space, as well as a section for art and artists’ displays as well. read more

I Spent My Summer In These Shorts

While I was on my last vacation in Hawaii, I shopped at one of my favorite casual wear destinations, Old Navy. I bought many items on impulse figuring out I’d make use of them later, and these shorts were one of them. I never would have imagined actually wearing them, but weekend after weekend, event after event, day or night, date or with family, I found myself going back to these loose fitting, neon shorts.


As a cautious person and especially one who prefers classics to shocking colors, this travel impulse buy might be one of many, it definitely taught me to get out of my comfort zone! read more

Joue Club’s New Branch

A couple of weeks ago Joue Club opened in Le Mall Sin El Fil. For those who aren’t familiar with the store, it is a kid’s heaven, including all sorts of games for all ages. I was happy to attend especially that it was an event I could take my daughter to, so it was her day! There were all sorts of activities to entertain all children who attended, including a photo booth, interactive games, face painting, cartoon characters, and of course the munchies!







Lucky for us parents that Joue Club is expanding in Lebanon, head to this new branch in Habtoor and get lost in the 2 floors of toys! read more