The Doers Club

I am known as Maria the style blogger, (or as many people call me “style me”) who is always attending posh events in the most casual outfits. “Don’t you feel awkward?”, they ask. “Kudos for staying true to your personal style!”, they say. And staying true is what helps me to not bend day in and day out as the influence of a certain sector of society tries to get to you, peer pressure style.

The only summer event that was true to itself, thus allowing all the attendees including myself to be bare and genuine, was the notorious Monday nights of food, drinks, friends and dancing, a.k.a. the Doers Club. What makes it so sought after? It is because amidst the cookie cutter events happening in the capital targeting the same circle, rises an alternative by Dewar’s that caters to independent creatives living true to their passion. read more

Yaduna CookOff

Yaduna is a women’s heart health center (WHHC) aiming to spread awareness and help fight the number 1 cause of death in women, which is heart disease. Most of us including myself are shocked to hear this fact, because when we think of women’s health issues, breast cancer comes to mind. Yaduna offers services for women over the age of 45 including laboratory tests and cardiological screening as well as dietetic counseling, because it is important for us to prevent heart disease since the symptoms for women are not obvious like those of men. Yesterday evening, Yaduna hosted a cookoff at Kitchen Lab in Gemmayze, where a group of bloggers got together to discuss the WHHC agenda and to cook healthy dishes under the supervision of the chef. read more

SebaMed 5.5

May 5 (5/5) is the celebration day for SebaMed, a German manufactured medical skincare line, because that day correlates to the pH value 5.5 of our skin. This brand ensures that its products are a pH 5.5 to help maintain healthy skin. To make this day special and to spread awareness of a healthy lifestyle, I was invited to spend a day of pampering with access to the gym and fitness classes at the Hilton hotel. It started out with an hour’s massage session with Dr. Burgener products, followed by a relaxing afternoon at the spa. read more

The New Junkyard


The new Junkyard opened its doors to a new concept of street food that will be available all throughout the summer. The idea is that instead of the traditional dining experience where the waiter approaches you and takes the order, you get to walk to the buses scattered around the place to choose your dish. The main outdoor space is basically a big fluid bar in the yard with tables on varying floor levels. When we arrived we got our coupons that can be exchanged for food, with a bracelet for ordering our drinks. read more

The King Of The Road

When the King summons, we all make sure to attend! The mystery Burger King campaign was revealed  last Thursday on the rooftop of the franchise headquarters, Kallasi Group in Dbayeh. We were all wondering what the billboards were about, stating that there will be hundreds of branches all over Lebanon.

The event began with cocktails being served at sunset along with music played by the band.


This is the pomegranate drink I couldn’t resist trying from the big bowl.



The band playing Coldplay, one of my favorites. read more

The All New Jaguar F-Pace

Wednesday witnessed the launch of the all new F-Pace, Jaguar’s first ever SUV, at Saad & Trad Jaguar showroom. Clients, businessmen and media were welcomed at the showroom with cocktails and bites being served, all of us waiting impatiently for the big reveal.


Cheers to the first bit of alcohol I’ve had in a year!


This is probably the only part of the Jaguar I can actually afford!




After two speeches and the advertisement projected on the big screen, the SUV was finally revealed. read more

Super Mommy In Beirut’s 2 Year Anniversary

Super Mom Yasmina from ‘Super Mommy In Beirut’ celebrated her 2 year blog anniversary at Joue Club in Le Mall Habtoor, with many moms and their kids including Tracy and I. The event was well organized and bustling with children playing with Lego, taking photos with the clown, running around the Jelly Belly mascot, and dancing with My Gym.


Its so difficult to take a proper photo with her, which shows how much fun she was having!




Group photo with Yasmina and Samar.

20160319_165840_wm read more

Touch Lebanon Celebrates Mothers

On Thursday, Touch Lebanon celebrated Touch mothers and media moms at the Regency Palace Hotel, with a lunch and the Fady Reaidy comedy show.


Mrs. Marlene Boutros Harb gave a speech about motherhood and the whole audience including me were very inspired. She followed by passing by all the tables and saluting us moms.


Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photos of the comedy show, but it was around 2 hours of humor while enjoying our food in an all women gathering.




Thank you Touch for this Mother’s Day in a very empowering setting and for reminding us once again how we contribute to society, perhaps we sometimes forget but on this one day a year we are celebrated! read more

#Shta2tellikMom Competition

An early mother’s day celebration with The Spot Malls you say?

It is early for a reason, read on!


Calling all Lebanese living abroad, we know you visit on major holidays, but how about you surprise your mom on mother’s day? Take a short 5 to 10 second video selfie in any way you want, funny, sad etc wishing your mom a happy mother’s day, upload it on your social media, tag #shta2tellikmom, and you’re in the draw to win a trip from whichever country you are residing, to Lebanon to surprise her on March 21! read more

Fashion And Stars

Last month, Luxury Limited Edition organized an event at One Beirut hosted by Cynthia Sarkis Perros to launch ‘Fashion And Stars’, her new concept magazine about celebrities, fashion and luxury. The night was indeed full of luxury with Ferrari, Vertu, Chopard and Lancome to name a few, with favors from the last and a box of Patchi chocolates.





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